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        While my  Skype  membership site at (SYOS)  is in beta-transition, in preparation for all the changes MS is making with Skype, you can get a Huge Discount on Membership … including Skype Training by Julie Wolf, Skype Coach and Skype Expert. For free and for very low costs you can access member levels that will be 10x more later… plus all my Skype knowledge plus get my Advanced Skype Training at deep discounts. Access

SeeYouOnSkype here.



Access to Julie’s Skype Knowledge, Skype Advanced Training & Skype Tools Training, NEW Skype Room Creation & Moderation Training and Skype Hack Safety & Recovery, Plus Discounts on Julie’s “do-it-for-you” Skype Help Services and New Skype Tips


Use Skype Tools and Skype Contact Categories for Targeted Permission Skype List Building, Start a Skype Funnel Today

Skype Funnel Using Skype Contact Categories for Targeted Permission Skype List Building



What you Get For a Short Time Now …

…  below this bullet list, find how to get 1 month free included FOR LIFE!


    • New Advanced & Basic Skype Trainings
    • NEW Skype Room & Moderator Training (P2P vs Cloud Versions)
    • Skype Safety & Hack Recovery
    • How to Build a Skype Prospect Funnel
    • How to Build Skype Lists, Targeted & Permission Based
    • Live & Recorded Skype Trainings and Video Series
    • Private Skype Rooms for Support with Skype, Skype Versions, NEW Skype Tools and Skype Hack Safety & Recovery, as well as Networking, Social Share Clubs and Mastermind Skype Rooms
    • Julie Wolf Skype Coach will Answer all YOUR Questions in Skype Rooms and Live & Recorded Trainings
    • Julie’s Skype Chat Directory, a list of Skype People and Skype Rooms by Category
    • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Skype Back up Files for Safe Keeping and recovery of Skype Contacts, Skype Lists, Skype Rooms, Skype versions and Your VERY Valuable Skype History!
    • Deep Discounts (50% off) for Paid Members on All Trainings, Skype Help Services and Skype Coaching (MORE INFO HERE)

Coming asap …

    • Skype Networking Project – Be found by your Target Audience on Skype. Be the “Hunted” on Skype!
    • Monetized Skype Rooms Set up with Skype commands, join links, guidelines, moderators, old Skype versions that are safe from forced upgrade (for as long as I can keep finding work arounds, so far so good!)
    • NEW Skype 10 Day Challenge Training (Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced)
    • Videos & Step by Step Tutorials of the New 10 Day Challenge (the old one is still under Skype Tools on the Old Message Magic Page, still useful! with new Skype Tools like Seek&Send and for old Skype versions and Skype back up help
    • More Skype Group Chat Room Trainings!!!
    • Direct Link to Skype Live Chat Support & Hack Recovery Training
  • More being added all the time …

1 Month Free and No Price Increase For Life: Valuable Membership

Get “Grandfathered in” at the beta price of $997/year – Choose Yearly Platinum Level – will be $1000/mo later SYOSkype_Logo

Ready to Start?


Click here and follow the Steps to get started:

  1. Register as a Free Member
  2. Confirm Your Email
  3. Verify Your Email
  4. Then Login to Explore Your New Membership all about Skype!
  5. If you can not Login, Skype me here, Call me at 800-566-2813 or Put in a Support Ticket here.

Private Coaching NOT included. Please request Private Coaching for a fee here.  Or you can ask permission from Julie to Join the Beta Discount Skype Management ($50/mo) for 1 hour a month of private coaching  and have some work done for you too each month. This is worth $200 a month or more. See this option when choosing a membership type  with sign up to SeeYouOnSkype or the Upgrades pages when available, or make arrangements with Julie here.

Advanced Skype & Skype Tools Training by Julie Wolf




Skype Seek&Send, Skype Tools For Global Service Business Reach

    Discover & Learn to use Skype Tools for ALL they can help you with, Skype contact management & follow up, Broadcast Skype Messages to many contacts, and List Building with Skype from Julie Wolf. As a Skype List Building & Group Skype Room Expert & Julie is the First Skype for business & Skype Tool Trainer since 2003. Its all at
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