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Add Me On Skype To Learn More About Skype for Business, Skype Tools, Skype Communities, Skype education and to learn Skype changes and how to adjust for these changes. Please use one of the 4 Skype buttons above (no calls please) or the skype logo below (click this to open listing to find these images) to get my Skype follow up to learn more about how I can help you.

Add Me On Skype

Julie Wolf, Skype Coachs’ Skype List #1. Add Me On Skype and tell me why you are adding me please. How can I help you with Skype? The Skype logo below is a subscription to get my follow up to make sure I help you with what you need on Skype. EXPECT AUTOMATED FOLLOW UP – I do respond! Or use the chat info or add buttons above to Skype me privately (pm). If you add me you get follow up Skype messages intended to let me know how I can help you, so please respond to them. I WILL RESPOND.

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Full Description

Add Me On Skype As A Skype Contact to learn more about Skype for Business and about me and about this Skype Chat Directory of Skype People and Skype rooms. And also about



This is my opening Skype List, not a Skype Room. Tell me more about you and how I can help you with Skype and Skype Tools and Skype versions.

Learn more about Skype Tools like:

  • Skysponder – a Skype Autoresponder
  • Message Magic * – a Skype and LinkedIn Broadcaster & Skype ID Finder
  • Pamela * – For Skype call recordings, Skype Voicemial, Skype Profile Mood Rich Text, Skype Auto-Reply
  • Sknyper – Skype Boardcaster & Skype ID finder with current Skype version
  • VodBurner – Skype video call recorder – Create complete video production from Skype video calls.
  • Callburner – Skype audio call recorder
  • * Message Magic & Pamela work fully only with older versions of Skype. I can help you with that…
  • We can chat on Skype about it…

When you Add Me On Skype As A Skype Contact, I will let you know about changes to Skype and about all these amazing Skype Tools, and more.

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