Skype Changes

Skype Version_6.11_Gone_2014-08-05

Skype Room Moderation with New Skype Version

Now that MS/Skype has forced us to upgrade to current Skype Version 6.18, and no longer allows full Skype room moderation, editing or removing a members message or permanently removing a member, I am discovering new ways to work with skype to keep our Group chats Skype rooms valuable for all members and under our control.


Old Skype Versions

Read my answer to: Where do I go to learn about having an earlier or old version of Skype on my computer? Why is it so hard to keep an old version of Skype with out it updating and tell us about Windows 8 and Skype.

New Skype Emoticons captainamerica_salute

Skype Emoticon Changes

Out with some and in with new Skype emoticons. find out which are now gone and some new ones added to current Skype.

Pamela for Skype logos

Pamela for Skype

How will Pamela for Skype do with the new Skype Desktop API changes? Will Rich Mood Text Editor or auto chat reply still work? Skype Call Recording supported. Older version of Skype to extend the life of chat features with Skype Desktop API 3rd party apps like Pamela.


Skype List Building Strategies

Skype list building that works, is permission based and wont go away after December 2013. Review of my Skype List Building Strategies. Deep discounts and free trials.

Petition Skype To Continue Support Mission Critical Third Party Skype Utilities

Third Party Skype Utilities are Mission Critical for Skype users. #Petition: Skype/Microsoft: Provide continued support for third party Skype utilities that have become mission critical to Skype’s users Background article is here: If you get a chance and agree that the decision is ill-considered, to help encourage Skype/Microsoft to reconsider, please sign the petition here: Thanks!