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Skype Elements

This is soooo cool! Lisa Pinned it to my Skype Pinboard and I just gotta share: Skype Video Calling and Screensharing ina GROUPO is now FREE! And The’ve put together a periodic table of Skype features so you can experiment with new features to make calling your team, partners, friends and family even easier. Make Chemistry with Skype Group video & Screensharing. You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that people plus Skype calls equals a perfect formula for staying in touch, networking and callaboration on your creations.

Skype List Building with Message_magic

Skype Message Broadcast to All Skype Contacts

Skype Tip: How To Send a Skype Message Broadcast To All contacts or Lists of your Skype Contacts. What makes it possible for people to send a message to all of their contacts at once? I will tell you and update you on some early testing of the Skype Desktop API also.


How To Setup a Skype Room with Skysponder 8 Steps

Follow the 8 Steps to Setup a Skype Room with Skysponder for Skype Broadcasts and follow up message series. From Import to Webform Custom Fields. Find each step under the YouTube video, as a clickable link to each Step under the video description when you watch it on YouTube. Do Read this article first.

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Pamela for Skype

How will Pamela for Skype do with the new Skype Desktop API changes? Will Rich Mood Text Editor or auto chat reply still work? Skype Call Recording supported. Older version of Skype to extend the life of chat features with Skype Desktop API 3rd party apps like Pamela.

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Thanks for Subscribing To My Skype List

You have an interst in my Skype list. Thanks! To join the Akype list or Skyupe room, please do this. Remember to click the link I will send you in skype from my skype id juliewolf.


Skype List Building Strategies

Skype list building that works, is permission based and wont go away after December 2013. Review of my Skype List Building Strategies. Deep discounts and free trials.

Petition Skype To Continue Support Mission Critical Third Party Skype Utilities

Third Party Skype Utilities are Mission Critical for Skype users. #Petition: Skype/Microsoft: Provide continued support for third party Skype utilities that have become mission critical to Skype’s users Background article is here: If you get a chance and agree that the decision is ill-considered, to help encourage Skype/Microsoft to reconsider, please sign the petition here: Thanks!

Skype Resources

Skype Desktop API Stop Working Dec 2013

Skype removes the Desktop API in Dec 2013. Say good bye to some of your favorite Skype Tools like Pamela, Rich Mood Text Editor, xSky, some functions of Message Magic and many others. Get a list and learn what is and is not affected.

Skype List Building with Message_magic

Message Magic Powerful Skype & Linkedin Communication & Marketing Software

Skype Leads from Message magic, let me count the ways, new and old. Linkedn Broadcasting, Skype Voice mail Broadcasts, YouTube Skype id finder and how to use a database of Millions of Skype Profiles.

Skysponder-Skype List Building Webinars

Skysponder Skype AutoResponder Skype Room Manager

Skype Lists, Skype Room Management and automated Follow up. Skysponder is the first Skype Autoresponder. And it is NOT built on the ” no longer officially supported” Skype Desktop API, so Skysponder will work with out Skype running at all! Amazing Skype Tool!