Skype Buttons & Skype room Join Link for Facebook, Website or Blog

Want Skype Buttons on Your Site or Blog or Facebook or Email Signiture?

Here is an easy way to add your Skype to your website or blog or even add a Skype room join link to Facebook. For Skype room join links, option must be setup in the Skype room for joining enabled.

Use Your Skype Directory Listing to Link To All Your Skype Buttons &/or Skype Room

If you would like people to be able to contact you on Skype from your site or blog, or join a Skype room, here I will explain how to do that using a Skypechat Directory Listing to Link To All Your Skype Buttons &/or Skype Room. Make a single Skype button on your site or blog that links to ALL your Skype buttons.

Skype Buttons – 4 for the price of One

Best of all, because this links to your Skype Directory listing,you can give them even more information, in a full html page, about yourself, your business and Skype chat room topic, as well as Skype buttons to add you on Skype, chat with you on Skype, call you on Skype and even look at your Skype profile. All this is included in a SkypeChat Directory listing.

How To Add Skype to Your Website or Blog

Simply choose a Skype Listing Package on the Skype Directory, either a Skype people listing or a Skype room listing, … any and all listings will give you all 4 Skype buttons:

  • add me on Skype Button
  • chat with me on Skype Button
  • call me on Skype Button
  • view my Skype Profile Button

Skype Buttons

All Skype_buttons on Skype directory Listing

Here Are 3 Easy Steps – How To Add Skype to Your Website or Blog

Step 1: Make A Listing In The Skype Directory

Create and submit a listing at the Skype Directory by clicking here . Choose one of the 6 options to list either your individual Skype, or a Skype Room. We can even make a Skype room for you, or have your Skype be a more visible featured listing. Here are the options for you to choose from:

  1. Your Skype – People (Lite) Listing Package
  2. Your Skype with Full HTML Page About You
  3. Skype Room with a Full HTML Page About Your Group Chat Topic Plus 3 Category Listings
  4. Featured Skype Listing for a full year!
  5. Skype Room Made For You With Skype opt-in form, member guidelines, moderators, etc
  6. All of the above!

  7. See the 6 options in more detail by clicking here.

Step 2: Upload a Skype Logo image for your Skype Button

I have collected or created quite a few nice Skype images for Skype buttons. Choose one of these, right click and save image as then upload to your site or blog:

Skype logo round white blus 2 tone

Skype IM chat bubble logo


Join Skype Room Skype Button


skype-room-public-chat-bubble Skypebuttonle-300x108

Skype Chat Room Button

Step 3: Add Skype to Your Site Linked to Your Listing

Add this html to your site. If its a wordpress blog, add this code to your text widget on your side bar. Find Widgets under Appearance then find the Text widget. Be sure to replace the {} with html <> brackets:

  • Add Your listing url {a href=””} (remember to change the username to your listing url name). Samples: here is a sample listing url and a sample Skype room listing url ( a blog support Skype room).
  • Add your image url in the scr= part of the html. Edit width, height, border or alt as needed:
    {img src=”” style=”border: none;” width=”” height=”23″ alt=”Add me to Skype” /> (again, remember to replace the {} with html <> brackets).


You have a link to all your Skype buttons, your Skype room, Skype add, Skype call ,Skype chat and Skype profile link, all in one place; Your SkypeChat Directory listing!

Skype Resources:
Find more tutorials on Skype, Skype Tools, Skype rooms, Skype Safety and more. Click here to the visit our ‘See You On Skype’ membership website.

I hope this Skype Tip helps you get Skype Buttons on your website or blog easily!

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