Design Thinking on Skype

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Design Thinking on Skype

Design Thinking on Skype began for me when a VA (Virtual Assistant) on Skype found me for a client of hers. Here’s a Design Thinking Example Video. I will update this article as I meet Design Thinking Coaches on Skype and collaborate, coach and create that Special Skype social interaction so mission critical in Design Thinking. I am excited to see what Skype can offer to Design Thinking. And what Design Thinking can offer Skype Projects.

A Design Thinking Example Video

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Design Thinking Explained

design-thinking  for innovation 10 step spiral

Design Thinking for Innovation ~ 10 Step Spiral

Design Thinking Ideas Borrowed From Wikipedia

Design thinking encourages divergent thinking to ideate many solutions (possible or impossible) and then uses convergent thinking to prefer and realize the best resolution.Unlike analytical thinking, design thinking is a process which includes the “building up” of ideas, with few, or no limits during a “brainstorming” phase. This helps reduce fear of failure and encourages input and participation from a wide variety of sources in the ideation phases. The familiar term Outside the box thinking describes a goal of the brainstorming phase. This is encouraged and can aid in the discovery of hidden elements and ambiguities and discovering potentially faulty assumptions.

One example of a design thinking process could have seven stages:

  1. define
  2. research
  3. ideate
  4. prototype
  5. choose
  6. implement
  7. and learn

Within these seven steps, problems can be framed, the right questions can be asked, more ideas can be created, and the best answers can be chosen. The steps aren’t linear; they can occur simultaneously and can be repeated.

How Would You Use Design Thinking on Skype

I would use Skype Room Group chats. Different groups could be used for different stages: example, getting feedback from people would be one group (used again for testing), while brainstorming or prototypers could be another group Skype chat room. I would use the Skype Room Guidelines to define search chat terms, to make things easy to find later in the chat history. I may even use Skysponder to periodically automate Skype messages to remind members of the Skype room chats both in pm (private message) and in the group chat (aka Skype room), about different useful ways to participate. For example you could show them the stages and where to find the collective collaborations created so far, or how and where to participate and find the collaboration tools. Examples: Evernote or Dropbox, Google Drive or a new one I just learned about, KanBan. Your Design Thinking Skype Team can link to these in automated Skype follow up messages, (aka IM), using Skysponder or other Skype tools.

Discover More about Design Thinking on Wikipedia here.

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