Google Plus Profile How to Video & Skype Room

How To Get Your Google Plus Profile url

  1. Login to your Google Account
  2. Click your picture in the upper right
  3. Click View Profile
  4. This Takes You To Your Google Plus posts page
  5. Your Google Plus url is in the address bar (posts page)

Watch this short video to see how to get your G+ Profile link either for posts or for your About page.

Google Plus & Skype Networking Training Skype Room


The above video will help you with your contact list building with your G+ friends circles. Especially when you join my New Skype room. Its about more then Google Plus.

Skype Room for Google Plus & Skype Training & Networking

Click Skype Image to Subscribe To My Skype Room

Meet New Google Plus Friends In my Google hangouts Skype Room

You can join my Skype Room for Google Hangout sessions where I will offer Skype Training to help you network on Skype and G+ and all Social Media in very effective ways you may not have ever heard of before. Check out the Skype Room Rules and Resources page here.

Learn More Google Plus Social Networking PLUS Skype Networking Skills

I will invite you to my Skype Training to learn in Goolge Hangouts all my skype Networking Tricks and we can learn G+ networking together. As you join, I welcome you and invite everyone in the room to add you to their Circles. Active members and sharers get to benefit most form the Social share networking club activities.

Join My Skype Room with
Your Google Profile Link

Get your Google Profile url and click here to subscribe to my Google Skype Room for all these fun reasons:

  • Join Google Hangouts Skype Trainings
  • Get invites on Skype and G+ me to get invites there also
  • I will share your Google Plus profile as your join the Skype Room
  • My Skype Room Members Want to add you as a friend on Google Plus circles
  • Get Skype & G+ Networking Tips & Training Replays on YouTube
  • See you on Skype … in my Google Skype Room

    with your Google Plus Profile link shared to all in the room… and invites to live and recorded hangouts. I hope this article helps you with more then just finding your Google Plus Profile.

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