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I answer Skype questions on Skype and turn them into Skype Tips here. Here is one very good and very common question I get about old Skype Versions. Old Skype_Versions_6.1x

Q: Where do I go to learn about having an Old Skype Version on my computer?

A: You can find old Skype Versions with instructions on how to keep them and not lose them to Auto Updates of your Skype software when you login to SeeYouOnSkype.com and click here. Alternatively, you can navigate (once you are logged in), to the top menu Skype Stuff > Skype Versions. You may also find Day 1 of the 10 Day Challenge video and step by step Tutorials useful for making a Desktop Shortcut of old Skype Versions, specifically Step 3 here. Tip: Login as a free member First (or Register and then Login), then click that link to learn how to make a safe from auto update old Skype version Desktop shortcut.

Q: My friend says that she tried to get an old Skype version and it kept updating to current Skype

She tried to revert back to an older version with many people working on it and it was never successful. Can you help us keep old Skype version on our computer?

A: Yes I can help. I have a few answers for you about old Skype versions, Skype updates and Windows 8 ….

  1. If you follow the instructions on the Skype Versions page at SeeyouOnSkype.com (as instructed above), you will learn how to preserve old Skype version from auto updating.

  2. Windows 8 only allows Skype 6.0 and up, (6.1 is the last version with Full Skype Room Group Chat Moderation Functionality, and there is a video for you to watch below on this also). And Windows 8.1 will not allow older versions at all. Note: I have not tested 6.14 or 6.16 on Win8.1 yet but they may work. Read the artcle linked on 3 next…

  3. We are told by Skype that old Skype versions will be retired in a few months. We hope not. Chime in and tell MS your thoughts about this “Retiring” of Old Skype Versions here. and click the article link in the first sentence. If your comment about Retiring Old Skype Version is being not posted or not answered, I made this thread on the Skype Community Forum so MS/Skype can know what YOU think!

  4. Watch this 6 minute Video and the videos that follow about old Skype Versions to learn more.

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Thanks for asking about old Skype Versions!


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