Old Version Skype Sign in For Room Moderation

Did MS Break Skype Room Moderation by “Retiring” Old Version Skype?!


Skype Sign in from “Retired” Old Version Skype and Skype Room Issues

Since the forced sign out and forced upgrade of Skype early Aug 2014, I have been testing methods and successfully signing in to Skype from different current and old “retired” versions 5.x and 6.x to test whats still working or not. I am discovering ways to do this but also that there are problems with entering a skype room with old Skype versions.

A True Skype Update to an Old Skype Version

This is another benefit to old Skype versions (pre 5.8). Rich Text in a chat room! This is what one happy client said when I helped him get his old Skype back and stopped auto updates! “What you did, That was a true Skype Update! Microsoft should put you on retainer.” A_True_Skype_Upgrade_to an Old Skype Version

Ok thats nice, but why Do we NEED old Skype versions?

We Need Old Version Skype for Skype Room Moderation

Did you know you can not moderate a Skype Room Group chat fully with current Skype? We need old versions of Skype to edit or remove messages from your Skype rooms, or to ban a person so they can not re-join the Skype room. Read this article I wrote about Skype room moderation needing old Skype versions! We also need old Skype versions to create new Skype rooms. Otherwise, we are not able to enter a Skype Room created in current Skype. This creates a catch 22 for Skype Room moderators!

A Skype Catch 22:


We Need Old Version Skype for Skype Room Creation & Moderation But …
We need Current Skype To Enter New Skype Rooms!

Did you know that if you DO manage to sign in to an old version of Skype (and I did find a way, but its not easy), you will not be able to open or enter a Skype room made in current Skype? Even if you Created the room, even with the join link uri, and even if the room is set to allow joining! It’s a catch 22 for room moderation. You can not moderate in a current Skype versions, and if you DO sign in to Skype with an older version that lets you moderate, you can not get in the Skype room created in current Skype to edit or remove an offensive message or person. And you can’t stay in old version Skype because people will create Skype rooms in new current Skype you will not be able to enter. So, if you want to moderate Skype rooms, your own or others rooms, you will need both current Skype and old version skype. And you will need to switch easily between them.

Easily Switch Between Current and Old Version Skype

My advise? Make Skype rooms in old version only! But know how to easily switch from current Skype to Old Version Skype/

Create Skype Rooms in “Retired” Old Version Skype, NOT New Skype … if you want to Be Able To Moderate Skype Rooms

Do not make Skype room group chats unless you are signed in to “retired” old version Skype 5.x or 6.x. As I wrote about earlier, old version 6.2 or below will still allow full Skype Room Moderation and I can help you with this. Get my Skype help to have your Skype setup correctly to allow sign in to old versions plus learn how to easily switch back and forth between Current Skype and Old Skype Versions, which now seems like a must for skype room owners and moderators. I can also help you create a Moderated and controlled Legacy Skype room for you here and show you how to use it.


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