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Is Pamela for Skype Still Going to Work After this Skype API Change?

How does the Skype changes to the Desktop API effect Pamela now that they are supporting Skype call recording? Is Pamela for Skype safe now or only recordings?


I spoke to Pamela’s owner on Skype, Dick Schiferli and asked him what will still work. I am specifically interested in 2 features I use Pamela for:

  1. Skype Mood Editor. Eye-catching messages visable next to your Skype Picture is the “Mood” message
  2. Auto reply to Skype Messages your Skype contacts send you

Rich Mood is not chat, so it should be fine after the Decemer Skype API change. Auto-Reply and Chat History may become a problem in future but this is still unclear at the moment.

Pamela is safe for a while as it seems now, may change next week 😉
and is only call recording safe? or also Mood Editor or Auto reply, are they also safe?

Pamela’s owener said to me, “looking at it now I would say yes to Mood Editor but not auto reply”. The chat API will start to be flaky but over time.
so, I asked, what parts/features are chat? I imagine auto reply right? he said. ” Yes, and also chat history. Thats basically it.”

Pamela Chat History Recording

I didnt know Pamela does anything with Chat History. Where do I find that?

Find a full description of Pamela at the website Products page here. Basically it records chat designated chat sessions. But on Windows and Mac all your chat history is already stored on the local PC. (I have some going back several years … and with Ctrl-F or Cmd-F you can search it.) This is one of my favorite Skype Tips. Find the words 2/3 down “Chat recording” – hover over the “i” but it’s basically recording chat to a designated folder. That will be gone though again, we can try older versions of Skype to extend the life of any chat features.

What is Pamela for Skype?

Free, reliable and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software. and so much more:

Pamela For Skype Features

    • Free Skype Call Recording
    • Free Skype Video Recording
    • Skype Chat Recording
    • Skype Call Transfer
    • Skype Call Scheduler
    • Record calls automatically
    • Mono/Stereo recording option
    • Skype Conference Call manager
    • Create cool mood messages
    • Answering Machine
    • Play sounds during calls
    • Auto Chat Reply
    • Birthday Reminders
    • Email Forwarding
    • Contact Personalization
    • Blogging & Podcasting
    • and many other cool features


Skype shows an API Warning in Pamela

“We want to let you know that your Pamela.exe application will stop working with Skype, starting in December 2013.”, is what the Warning says in Skype.
When you upgrade to Skype 6.9, you will be seeing a message in Skype letting you know that Skype will stop 3rd party applications to access Skype.

Skype has announced earlier that they will remove the Desktop API from Skype for Windows Desktop, Skype for Mac and Skype for Linux. In addition they have announced the decommissioning of SkypeKit, a tookit with which Skype was integrated into hardware devices such as TVs. (Note: Skysponder will still work on the SkypeKit after the end of 2013 with this Skype Change.)

UPDATE: A new statement from Skype informs that products providing call recording will continue to work beyond December 2013, until further notice. Further information on the Skype Blog.

Use Old Skype Versions with Pamela
to Extend Life of IM Chat Features

To be safe, for the time being we recommend to downgrade back to Skype 6.0 or 6.8 until we see how this plays out. Read more about Skype 6.0 for Skype Room Moderation here. Important notice: after installing Skype 6.0 or 6.8, disable the automatic update function in Skype (Tools > Options > Advanced > Automatic updates). More information how to stop automatic updates can be read in the Day 1 lesson of the 10 Day Challange training at here.

We will continue to update this article on Pamela for Skype as we have more information.

Resources for Pamela:

Pamela Skype Mood Editor and Auto Reply article

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