Petition Skype To Continue Support Mission Critical Third Party Skype Utilities

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Re: Skype Desktop API Change

Petition Skype To Continue Support Mission Critical Third Party Skype Utilities

Did you know we can Petition Skype/Microsoft to let us keep using our Skype Add ons, Plugins and API hardware that would cause a huge problem of millions if (or when) lost?

#Petition Skype/Microsoft: Provide continued support for our third party Skype utilities that have become mission critical to so so many Skype’s users.

Skype Petition

Background article by my good freind Jim Courtney, Voice on the Web, is hereabout Skype Abandoning Developers and Inviting Skype User Backlash.

A Quote From Jim’s Voice On the Web Article:

Bottom line: if Skype is terminating support for its desktop API’s, what is Skype (/Microsoft) contemplating to allow not only these developers, who have put their resources into supporting Skype, to provide the same or enhanced functionality but also their customers to continue to use these features, such as call recording, in their everyday business communications operations?

You can read how this change is impacting individual Skype users and add your voice to Skype Community Forum on this Discontinuation of Desktop API thread.

A Quote From The Skype Community Forum That Struck Me:

Is this the way MS are going to handle Skype from now on? What will be the response from all those folk talking to relations in Asia who will often want to record phone calls with aged relatives so they can remember them? What about those folk using API programs with Skype for their business? You have just thrown them into turmoil? Reckon a big surge in Google searched for another voip client. Come on, you have spent so much time and effort trying to get us to trust MS and now you’ve blown it again.

Petition Skype:
Skype Microsoft Provide Continued Support For Third Party Skype Utilities That Have Become Mission Critical To Skype Users

If you get a chance and agree that the decision is ill-considered, to help encourage Skype/Microsoft to reconsider, please sign the petition here. Read the comments on this Petition – it is fascinating to learn all the ways people use Skype and how this change will effect them badly. I know Gregory Bell, developer of RecollX, he was hit hard. RecollX was a great Skype tool for archiving Skype chat history I was testing and planning to promote.

He wrote:

We spent years researching and developing a robust archiving, search and export product, RecollX Professional, for Skype for Windows. Skype advised us to use the Desktop API over other potential approaches because it was the only Skype supported approach. We thought Skype would provide better APIs and a transition path for third party developers and their customers. We were very wrong.

There are many more comments on this petition, read them and please support the cause. We need 10,000 signatures. On Skype we can do this, spread the word please!

Petition Skype: What Does this Skype Change Effect?

See A List of Skype API tools effected…

Learn More of what you can do and what Skype Tools this effects here. You can try older Skype versions, but we do not know how long they will work. Petition Skype to support Skype users using the Desktop API.

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