Skype Message Broadcast to All Skype Contacts

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How To Send a Skype Message Broadcast To All Skype Contacts
or Skype Lists.

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The one question I do have is “What makes it possible for people to send a Skype broadcast message to all of their Skype contacts at once.” I am sure that some of the messages I receive, especially about opportunities, are done with some trick they know that I don’t know.

I love the way this question was asked. I think this was the first time someone has asked me like this.


There are many Skype Broadcast message tools these days.

Most were expected to not work after MS/Skype told us that Skype Desktop API hardware and software tools would no longer work after Dec 2013. Well here we are into jan 2014, and tests for Skype Desktop API so far indicate that it still works! I have tested Message Magic Skype Room broadcast and seen clownfish Skype language Translator, both work with current Skype v6.11… which is a shock and pleasant surprise. I will continue to do some tests and post them on my YouTube channel, if you haven’t subscribed yet its here.

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I recommend Message Magic and Skysponder for Skype Broadcast Message Sending

I recommend Message Magic and Skysponder for Skype Broadcast Message sending (Using permission methods only) and teach how to do Skype List Building with both. Here read this article I wrote on skype List Building strategy that give you information on both Skype Tool.

For Skype Broadcast Message Tools STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS 8 AND ESPECIALLY 8.1

Stay away from Windows 8 and especially Win 8.1 if you love Skype room creation and moderation as well as Skype API tools. More on that another time. (ask about it sometime… or watch my Google Hangouts and YouTube videos).

Short Answer:
Go to my membership site and watch the video on 3 ways to build a Skype List with Message Magic here Inside, upgraded members get to take my 10 Day Challenge Training for Message Magic and Skype. For more information about Skysponder, here is my support Skype room for Skysponder.

I hope that helps you understand Skype Broadcast Message sending.

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