Skype Desktop API Stop Working Dec 2013

Skype Removes the Desktop API in Dec 2013.

Some of your Skype add-ons show a warning message (as of Skype version 6.9) like this :

API – We want to let you know that your add-on products built for Skype will stop working with Skype, starting in December 2013.

Skype Desktop API Stops Working v 6.9

What Is (and is not) Affected by Skype Desktop Top API Changes

Say goodbye to some of your favorite Skype Tools like Pamela, RecollX, xSky, some functions of Message Magic and many others. This also relates to hardware that embeds Skype API’s, such as speakers, headsets and Skype phones. I was asked for a “simple list” so here you are:

  • any Skype hardware or software that uses the Skype desktop api is in trouble.
  • Skype Call Recorders or Any Hardware that embeds Skype API’s, such as speakers, headsets and Skype phones, Callburner.exe and Faxconnect.exe,
  • Pamela – Call Recorder, Rich Mood Text Editor, Auto-Reply, etc
  • RecollX Professional – a Robust Skype chat and history archiving, search and export software
  • IDroo
  • Clownfish – Skype language translator, other translators also are affected
  • IDPuller – a Search engine Skype ID finder by keywords – other Skype ID Scrapers are affected, only 2 I know of are not affected
  • xSky – like Message Magic but with less features and more user friendly, will be no more. Skype me for ideas.
  • Message Magic (some functions only; the 4 new functions are fine as well as accessing the Database so build it now!) Use MM now. Skype me or join my New Skype Room for a Google Hangout with me here. I have some ideas you should Skype me about before its too late getting in touch with all your contacts!
  • Read the comments for “reasons why” to learn all the facinating ways people use Skype (Desktptop API) progams and devices on this petition to learn more…

Skype Versions That Work with Skype Desktop API

When you upgrade to Skype 6.9, you will be seeing a message in Skype letting you know that Skype will stop 3rd party applications to access Skype.

Skype have announced that they will remove the Desktop API from Skype for Windows Desktop, Skype for Mac and Skype for Linux. In addition they have announced the decommissioning of SkypeKit, a tookit with which Skype was integrated into hardware devices such as TVs.



The removal of the API will render all Skype add-on products useless. This includes Pamela for Skype, various hardware products and the majority of other applications like Message Magic Skype Search and Broadcasting. As you can understand, we are not at all happy about this.

Ask Skype/Microsoft To Provide Continued Support For Desktop API Mission Critical To Skype Users

You Can Petition Skype to Support Skype Desktop API

Click here to continue to support mission critical third party Skype Utilities and Skype Tools that use this Skype Desktop API.

Skysponder, Vodburner and Possibly a Few Others Skype Communication Tools Will Work Without Skype Desktop API

There are a few Skype Tools built without requiring Skype Desktop API Access. Skysponder, a Skype auto responder, as well as Snyper, a Skype id finder, will work or so we assume.

What About SkypeKit to Support Skysponder & Skype TV

I asked Jim Courtney what is his view on the survival of the SkypeKit, which Skysponder and Snyper are built with. He told me that, though Skype has stopped developer support for SkypeKit, it has a better chance of survival as Skype is embeded into Millions of TVs so Microsoft will have a much harder time due to licencing of these Television manufacturers to not breach their (Microsoft’s) contracts with these TV manufacturers. Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, sharp, Vizio, Toshiba and Philips models—are Skype-enabled.

As of Skype 6.11 the Desktop API will be physically removed from the Skype application. Add-on products like Pamela will not be able to communicate with Skype anymore. This affects all add-on products built for Skype!

Skype Versions That Work with Skype Desktop API

For the time being we recommend to downgrade back to Skype 6.8 until we see how this plays out. Download from Skype > Skype versions when logged in here. Important notice: after installing Skype 6.8, disable the automatic update function in Skype (Tools > Options > Advanced > Automatic updates).

We are particularly shocked about this because of the short notice given to Skype users and the fact that Skype is not providing any replacement/successor interface model which will allow us and other developers to further provide the functionality you are enjoying today.

We will update this article as we have more information about the Skype Desktop API changes.

From a Skype Room with Skype Developer who worked for Skype:

Just to give you a little technical hind sight re. the SkypeDesktop API:

“The Desktop API has indeed been stable since 2006, and until today required little work to keep it alive. But this is not true anymore. As you know, Skype is moving its services to the cloud The Skype Desktop API depends heavily on our P2P stacks, and cannot be made to work with our new cloud services. This unfortunately left Skype no choice but to retire the current API. I cannot comment on replacements or on future Skype Desktop API of course.”

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