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Explore This Fun Periodic Table of Skype Features & Elements

As I am currently making a new Basic Skype Training Here about how to get started with Skype, leading to advanced Skype training. I “just” made a presentation slide about this and here I come across this great image on one of my Shared Pinterest Skype Pinboards. (Great find Lisa!) This Skype blog post expresses what I feel about Skype. Its not just video calling! This Skype Table of Elements shows you all the many features of Skype, with my notes of whats now FREE!

Skype is Great For Relationship Building!

As the Skype article states, “Chemistry between people is great. It makes us feel happy and connected, and gets us talking and staying in touch.” I teach networkers and collaborations and team builders how to use more of Skype’s features to build relationships, network and callaboration on your creations. The chemistry of speed relationship building is awesome as it develops and deepens moving from one feature to the next, from instant text messaging to Skype calls for free all over the world to FREE Group video calls and Group screen sharing! Yes, its true, now the later 2 features are FREE! They no longer require paying Premium Skype!

Now Free ~ Group Video Call and Screensharing!

They’ve put together a periodic table of Skype features so you can experiment with these newly free Group features to make calling your friends, partners, teams and family even easier. Click the image to expand it.

Skype_Features_Table_of_Elements - Group Video and Screenshare Now FREE

Click image for a bigger view of this cool image and find out all the features of Skype!… in a fun way!
As the skype blog says …

“You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that people plus Skype calls equals a perfect formula for staying in touch”

“And you don’t have to read a textbook before you make cheap online calls or international calls – even if you’re using Skype on your PC, mobile or TV …” even FREE Group Video Calls and Group Screen Sharing. It’s really free now.

A Periodic Table of Skype Features To Help You Get More Out of Your Skype

“We’d like to think there’s a real science to how we make Skype work for you. So we’ve put together a periodic table of Skype features that’ll help you get more out of your Skype enabled devices, technology and accessories.” (Edited by me, with a call out box about whats Now Free!)

Its not just video calling. There really are more features than you could “shake a stirring rod at – from free instant messaging and screen sharing to cheap WiFi and online calls …” – call phones or you could even have phones call you on Skype with a Skype number! Take my Training to learn more …

Learn Even More At My Skype Training

So take a closer look and take my new Skype Training, join me on Skype, on one of my own Skype Lists for Basic Skype Training and discover where I show you more then you ever thought was possible on Skype in my Advanced Skype Training. Start with my Basic Skype Training ~ Click on over Here.

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