Skype Emoticon Changes

On the Skype emoticon front…

.. the legs are gone?

What else is new in Skype emoticon News.

here is what I learned from Phil’s Skype room.
“It turns out, Skype has removed its emoticons for showing people the middle finger, as well as its animations for (wtf), (fubar) and the slightly odd (hollest) emoticon, which displayed a set of women’s legs with high heels.

This change apparently happened more than a month ago. According to Skype community manager “Claudius,” the change was made because the shortcodes had “the potential to offend some users.””

New Skype Emoticons captainamerica_salute

As Phil Wolff says, “Must I drop the letter “f” from my username, so as not to offend some users?” (wtf) (fubar)
(shielddeflect) shielddeflect
(captain) captain
(bucky) bucky
(nickfury) nickfury

List of New Skype Emoticons

Well… now that you’ve started this, here are all the new icons in 6.14 (also mac, and mobile apps):
Shield (shielddeflect)
Cat (cat)
Nick Fury (nickfury)
Black Widow (blackwidow)
Winter Soldier (bucky)
Cap Salute (captain)
Dog (dog)
Sheep (sheep)
Idea (idea)
Talk to the hand (talktothehand)

Hollest was the last name of a former Skype employee whom I met when visiting Skype London seven years ago. Stella Hollest (hollest) was PA to CEO Skype (9/2005-9/2010)
You can even verify this with Linkedin

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