Skype List Building Strategies

Skype List Building That Works

Skype list building that works, is permission based and wont go away after December 2013. I just wrote this tag line as an elevator speech request on how I can help with Skype Marketing or Networking. There are no shortcuts now. Just good old “roll up your sleeves” and build the audience engagement with Social Networking. Skype is the best for this engagement as well getting us Skypers to engage more on other social sites.

Review of my Skype List Building Strategies

New Skype List Building Training in Google Hangouts Skype Room

Join me in my new favorite Skype room. I love my new Google Skype Room for Google Hangouts and G+ networking powered by Skysponder. I give away my Skype Training and Skype Coaching for free (for now, not for long). Where? Only for my Google Skype Room members. You get invites to Google Hangout Skype Training or Coaching sessions in the Skype room. Hangouts on
Air for Skype List Building training is so cool. They instantly stream on my YouTube for the overflow (11th person and more) and the same link is given for a replay in my new Google Skype room.

Skype List Building Strategy Flowchart2

Skype Room Google+ Networking Plus Skype List Building Lessons in Hangouts

Plus people can G+ network together in my Google Skype Room. Watch the 2 min video if you are interested and join the room with your G+ url if you like.

skype list building skysponder_webinars

Skype List Building Skysponder Help

Skype me for my Skysponder Skype Room if you take the Skysponder Free Trial. When you pay for Skysponder from my link ask me for my Skysponder eCourse password (Skype me for the password as a paid member or . Skype me your payment info and clear your cookies before you join from my Skysponder link please.

Want More Skype List Building Free Trial?

Someone on Skype just asked the costs (without asking for the benefits – gasp). My Skype List Building Coaching is a very affordable $57 per hour… I am giving it away free right now in Google Hangouts and YouTube until I pull it down. The Skype List Building tools I use and recommend and teach people are Message Magic and Skysponder and both have a free trial… but I can extend the free trials if you Skype me. (If you are not a contact yet, you will have to join one of my Skype Rooms or Skype lists for me to add you as a skype contact.)

Cost for Skype List Building Tools & Training

Costs vary depending on the package you need, From $95 once for Message Magic to yearly (when he stops the special)… and $19/ mo (first month $9.50 ) for Skysponder for the lower of 3 packages … will eventually be $39 to $99 per month if you are not grandfathered at the lower price in now.

Skype list building Message_magic

Start Your Skype List Building Now

Due to the changes coming in December to Skype, you should act now to get powerful results while you can and for less cost.

Skype List Building works if you use my Strategies.

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