Your Skype People Listing

Are You Listed In Skype People?

To benefit from this site you should list yourself in the Skype people category. Many people have found my Skype Directory here and registered for free. However, if you want to be found and have people add you as a Skype contact, then you need to take one more step. Add your free “Skype People” listing. How? Three easy steps:

  1. Register
  2. Login and go to My Account and then …
  3. Click “Create New Listing” and choose Skype People category

Be Found on Skype

Once you have listed either a Skype room of yours or a Skype People listing for yourself (for your own Skype), then people can find you on Skype here at this Skype Directory. You can then share the listing url and visitors will find all your Skype buttons. But if all you do here is register without taking the next step and listing your Skype, then how will they find you? You need a listing to have a url link to share and to have your own set of Skype Buttons so people can find you on Skype.

Skype Buttons

Your Skype People listing will have all 4 Skype buttons. They include buttons to contact you on Skype, such as buttons to:

  • Add you on Skype
  • Chat with you on Skype (IM)
  • Call you on Skype … or
  • See Your Skype profile. 


As an example, just click on this Skype Directories Skype people category here. After clicking that, just choose a Skype person  then you will see each of these free listings has all four Skype buttons for people to contact them on Skype. Skype buttons on each Skype People listing look like this…

Skype_buttons on Skype People directory Listing


Be Found on Skype From Your Skype Directory Listing

People can find you and add you as a contact on Skype from your Skype Directory Listing (only if you make one though). For example,  lets say you have an interest in Networking. To attract other networkers, on your listing you can talk about networking and wanting to meet other networkers on Skype. Talk about whats unique about you and what you can offer others to help them with their networking. Like learning all the best Skype marketing strategies and Skype tools from me, Skype Coach Julie Wolf (wink). You get the idea…

I hope that helps you get found here on my Skype Directory.  Take the next step if you haven’t and make a Skype People Listing here.

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