Skype Room File Hacker Safety

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Skype Room File Safety From Skype Hacker

What you can do to protect your Skype room members … and its not what you think!

What you need to know about Skype files sent into Skype room group chats by a Skype hacker. Its not safe even after the hacker is gone. What you can do… and its not what you think! It seems since I decided to do a Skype Hack Safety and Recovery video series on Google Hangouts and G+, it seems like everyday is adding more experiences to share. A friend called to help another friend get her Skype back from a hacker today. This is what my Skype hack “recovered” friend sent me when I asked what did the hacker send to your Skype contacts and into Skype rooms? She only found this file sent into one Skype room:

Skype Hacker Method – Skype File Sent To Group Chat Room

SM sent CCleaner.lnk
SM: Today 10:42 AM

I did some Testing for Skype Safety for Skype Rooms and Skype files…

I created a Skype room with 2 of my own Skype accounts as members. Then had the member, Tug, send a file into the Skype room. Then I did 2 tests.
[] *** Tug sent Generic Skype Recovery First Aid Kit Verification Data.txt *** (into a group chat Skype room!)

Lesson #1!
Skype Room File Hacker Safety Tip 1

Only the Sender of a Skype file can cancel it, so no one else can accept the file. When SM was hacked, her hacker sent a file CCleaner.Ink into the Skype room. She was then removed from the Skype room by moderators, thinking that would PROTECT the members, which in this case was NOT TRUE. Only SM, the sender of the file (or her Skype account), could stop the file in the Skype room. She got her Skype back and signed in and everyone started to relax!

After You Get Your Skype Back From a Hacker, Please Think of How You Can Save Others From A Skype Hack

They told me it was a link. But when I had SM screenshare to get the hack method for my lessons, I saw it was a file in the Skype room and it could not be removed by the Skype room owner.

We had to have her added back into the room to PROTECT the Skype Room members.

Here is the image I captured of her Skype account sending the file into the Skype Room:


Lesson I learned: Is it smart to have the owner of the hacked Skype account sign out of Skype so no one could accept that file? Thinking that, being logged off Skype was prevented others from downloading the file?

But! (wait)

As soon as she was logged in again, once she recovered her Skype account (got her Skype back from the hacker with a quick primary email change – fast and easy recovery, in this case!)… the room members were once again AT RISK of downloading that hacker Skype file.

The problem is, if the hacker is logged into her Skype account, the file can still be downloaded by members of the room. CONCLUSION: Its better to have the owner of the hacked Skype account do these 2 things as soon as possible.

  1. First, if you still have access to your Skype, quickly cancel the file in the Skype room. Then, go to and login.
  2. Then change the Primary email of your Skype account, like I show how to do in this video.
  3. This will protect others in the Skype room from downloading the infected file in the Skype room. And then changing your email with Skype, will kick a hacker out, if he is has accessed your Skype account.

  4. Otherwise, if you lose access to your Skype account, which is very common with Skype hackings), you will need to contact Skype Support to recover your Skype account and/or tell them to kick the hacker out by temporarily suspending your account, while you verify that the account it yours. Just follow the instructions in my 2 downloads at Look for the menu item called Skype hack Safety after logging in, you will need to join as a member first. One is called the ‘Skype First Aid Kit’. Be sure to fill that out ahead of time IF POSSIBLE, and keep that updated regularly. the other download is a report called ‘3 Steps to Skype hack Recovery’.

Lesson #2!
Skype Room File Hacker Safety Tip 2

Are Skype Room Members Safe Once the Skype Hacked Account is Removed? NO!

Now lets test what happens when a file is sent by someone who has been removed from the Skype room. Can it still be downloaded if the sender is not in the room any more?

Copied From My Test Room:

[] *** Tug sent Generic Skype Recovery First Aid Kit Verifcaion Data.txt ***
[] *** Julie Wolf Skype Coach Wolf removed Tug from this conversation. ***
[] Julie Wolf Skype Coach Wolf: ok can I still get the file now?

I still was able to download the file! Yikes! :( … bad Skype …


  1. Skype files should not be sent into Skype room group chats! Room owners can not remove the file, only the sender can cancel a file sent into a Skype room.

  2. Skype Room members are at risk for downloading a potential hacker file until the sender cancels the file! Even if the sender is removed from the Skype Room! And worse yet, (because its easily forgotten about), they are at risk even after the sender gets their Skype back from a hacker, until the sender can cancle the file once added back into the room!!!

  3. SUGGESTION: Be ready to recover your skype (get your Skype back from a Skype hack) as fast as possible.

  4. You can do that by filling out your ‘Skype Safety First Aid Kit’ provided by so you can quickly verify the skype account is yours! Keep it up to date too. You will also find the email for Skype support in the “Skype 1st Aid Kit” and a Free Report download called ‘”3 Steps to Quick Skype hack Recovery”.

New Skype Hack Safety & Recovery Video Series on YouTube

I will post the new Skype Hack Safety & Recovery Video Series and my YouTube channle in its own play list and link to it at my SYOS membership… you will find that also on my Skype Hack Safety page at Are you a member yet?

Did this help you to be safer from a Skype hacker? Please share this post around to help others be safe from Skype hacker.

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