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Skype Room Guidelines …
for Skype Networking Training Google Hangouts

This is my Skype Room Guidelines for my Skype room called ‘Google Hangout Skype Training’ by Julie Wolf Skype Coach. Learn Skype and Skype Networking Relationship Building Skype Marketing, permission marketing with Skype. Plus G+ and other Social Networking Skills in my “Google Skype Room”.


Read and Agree with The Skype Room Guidelines

Join Skype Room for Skype Training, Skype Networking and Social Networking Ideas

Click Skype Image to subscribe and join the Skype room.

Please Read and Agree and Follow the Skype Room Rules as well as enjoy the Room Resources. Then give a Skype (handshake) in the room that you agree to the following:

  • You agree not to harvest my room members to “Skype Spam” them or join just to meet people on Skype. You are opting in here for Skype Networking Training to learn Permission messaging methods on Skype.
  • You agree the purpose of the room is for Skype Training. Not Skype Promotions and ads. Real Relationship building networking and helpfulness is encouraged.
  • You will get Live & Recorded Tips & Training in 3 ways:

    1. Google Hangout’s on Air Live Streamed on YouTube
    2. Hangout Group Video Calls Limited to the 1st 10
    3. Replays on YouTube here
  • You agree to get private Skype messages from me as follow up reminders and tips. You want invites and reminders of my Skype Training on Google Hangout Video calls and “on Air” via YouTube Streaming … as well as Replays via YouTube. Skype private messages (pm) will come to you from my Skype on Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … then once a week, gradually less often to monthly at most.
  • You understand you can stop getting these follow up messages form me on Skype bu Unsubscribing and leaving the Skype room (and that we will still be friends on Skype and you can choose another Skype Topic or Skype room here.
  • The Purpose of This Skype Room is Skype & Social Networking Training

    The Only Purpose of for Joining My Skype Room is to learn Skype Networking Plus G+ Social Networking. Therefore, you agree your reason to be a member of the room, is to learn Skype and other Social Share Networking Skills. Inactive members will be removed and unsubscribed periodically (once a year or at most quarterly).

    Skype Room Resources:

    1. My Skype Profile here has my Skype Directory and Skype Membership
    2. How to get your G+ Profile url a 2 minute video here
    3. How to Edit your Google Profile click here.
    4. Google Hangout Group Video Call Help Click Here
    5. Add Julie Wolf Skype Coach to Your G+ Circles for Invites to Skype Q&A Training & Webinars on Google on Air Hangouts – Click Here.
    6. For Replays of my Skype Q&A Trainings & Webinars on YouTube go here to my YouTube channel
    7. To Join This Skype Room visit or send people to Subscribe here.
    8. To View Skype Room Resources Anytime Inside The Skype Room use the /get guidelines as shown in this shown in this short video.
    9. Agree With a Skype (handshake) Inside the Skype Room OK?

      Open the Skype Room (after subscribing and joining the room) here to give your Skype Emoticon (handshake) handshake_skype_emoticon to let us know you agree with these Skype Room Guidelines. NOTE: Re-Enter The Skype Room with this link only if you are a member who has already subscribed and you are a member in the room.

      Are you ready for some powerful Skype Training and learning about Skype and Google Social Sharing and Networking?

      See You On Skype in the Google Skype Room …

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