Skype Room Moderation with New Skype Version


Must I Upgrade Skype To Current Skype Version?

Skype Version_6.13_outdated_signed_out_2014-08-07

How can I moderate my Skype rooms?

I have, in the past 6 to 9 months, advised Skype room moderators and owners to use Skype 6.0 or 6.1 and below for full Skype room moderation. Anything over 6.2 is not allowing us Skype room owners and moderators (master role) to permanently remove (/kickban) abusive members from our group chats, nor do new Skype versions allow us to edit or remove members messages. read more here. Now what? Now as you can see, we have been foreced out (signed out) from older Skype versions NEEDED for Skype room moderation:

Skype Version_6.11_Gone_2014-08-05

Skype Version_6.0_outdated_2014-08-05

Now let me answer a question before you panic. Though I do suggest you please read down to where you can tell Skype what we need. So don’t lose all your venting energy quite yet! We need you to take action! Please participate. There may be a discount on my Skype Trainings and Coaching for the best ones and for a limited time. I can help. Keep reading…

How To Edit or Remove Member Messages in Your Skype Room Group Chats with Current Skype Version?

How Can I Stop an Abuser in My Skype Rooms if I can not Remove His Message

or Permanently Remove Him with the ONLY Skype Version

MS/Skype Has Forced Me To Upgrade To

… for the answer, see the UPDATE below… get setup to use both new and old version of Skype. Hire me for 2 hours here and I will do it for you and show you how to use both easily.

Q: My laptop that had the old version of skype is not letting me log back in… it seems like my only option is to upgrade if I want to get on skype with it. How can I moderate my Skype rooms now that Skype/MS is forcing upgrades to current Skype and not allowing full Skype room moderation with current Skype? Are there any old versions of skype that we can still use to both sign in and moderate Skype rooms, especially edit or remove members IM messages when needed or even kick and ban an abuser from the Skype room?

A: No and yes! MS does not want us using old
Skype versions and forced us out of them. But if you read my updates below, you will see I have a way to use old versions and also to create p2p Skype rooms vs the “less functional, less moderatable” (if thats a word), Cloud Skype Rooms. First of all, Skype is rapidly still changing (as of Sept.) and I am testing away FT, so do get on my members list so I can update you on Skype changes and work-arounds. I am always willing and eager to help you with Skype. Please dont hesitate to ask. Yes Skype/MS did a huge aggressive change end July and first week of Aug 2014. Skype does not allow us to use old versions of Skype. Skype/MS has “retired” what they call “outdated” Skype versions lower than 6.14 now, with a forced upgrade to 6.18. They do this to make Skype more mobile friendly and to move to the cloud and away from p2p, though some developers feel it is not necessary to stop supporting old p2p Skype now. Skype is still a moving target, changes are showing up every day now. So do get my updates by joining my membership site.

Let MS/Skype Know You Need Old Skype Versions To Moderate your Skype Rooms!

Please see and comment on my Skype Community thread and please support our need to moderate Skype rooms. Please please please read this and comment ( website login required). VirtuallyMarj makes some well expressed good points. Here is one of her comments about the forced Skype version upgrade (find more on that same thread).

I Can Moderate Your Skype Rooms In an Emergency with an Old Skype Version

I am testing to see what can be done (see updates below). I have been able to get signed in on only one old Skype Version which is so different it just may be unappealing to you… (though I do have training on it) as well as a service to do it for you here. Remember you can also hire me HERE for a very low cost, for Skype room in emergencies.

Update: We Still Can Moderate p2p Skype Rooms with Old Versions But Can Not Fully Moderate New Cloud Based Skype Rooms

You can still create p2p Skype rooms that have more moderation functions, allow you to post a picture for the room and place guidelines, as well as edit or remove messages and permanently ban a member, plus put members on Read only! These are whats LOST with the new Cloud based Skype room! Even p2p old Skype rooms have lost much of these moderation functions, unless you are in an old version of Skype (below v6.3). As I have always said, You CAN Have and use BOTH old versions and Current Skype!

Easily Switch Back and Forth between new and old Skype version for full Skype room moderation.

I am working on preparing a new Skype Training at A Skype Room Moderation Training and P2P Skype Version Setup/ Service will be inside for members here. My Services to set it up for you at full cost (as well as mention of discounts) are here on my Skype help Services page.

Update Sept.: There is now Skype Room chat commands for Cloud based chats versus P2P chat rooms here. “To find out what type of chat you’re in, simply type /get name into the chat window and press Enter. If the group name response starts with “19:…”, you’re in a cloud-based chat; if the group name response starts with “#skypename…”, you’re in a P2P-based chat.”

Please socially share this article and this image below to let Skype users know how they can still use old Versions of Skype to create and moderate Skype rooms, while still benefiting from the new improvements of current Skype. Click this link for a bigger image thats easier to read.

What You CAN Do As A Skype Room Moderator in New Skype?

You could also, try changing the role of an abuser to read only, or even change the whole group Skype room temporarily until solved, if there are more then one… say in a “pirates attack” scenario Please read comment by v2.8 on this Skype community thread and Do Please reply ( website login required). I will do more testing and make a new Skype Room moderator Training eventually… soon I hope (squeak if you have the need, Squeaky wheels get the grease). Remember you can also hire me HERE for a very low cost, for Skype room in emergencies.

Get on my Members list at

If you Do choose to use an outdated yet “still working” old Skype version, you need to follow my instructions on the Skype Versions page and Day 1 (and possably Day 1 continued – paid members) at … to discover how to avoid automatic upgrades and loss of your “retired” yet “still working” old Skype version. You will need to plugin to my Skype Trainings there, to learn all things Skype, once I pull that all into one source over at, Join free, look for 2 (TWO) emails to confirm, login and find ‘Skype Versions’ under Skype Stuff, again, its under Skype versions.

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