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Skype Translator Preview

UPDATE: Nov 4 2014 Try a Preview! Limited spots to preview Skype Translator are available now. Register for Skype Translator Preview here. Help shape the future of Skype by using this amazing new real-time speech translator. Be one of the first few to try it. The current Skype Translator pre-release preview version is free to use and only for Windows 8.1 computers and tablet PCs (for now).

How Skype Translator Works

Speak another language without learning another language. Simply set up a Skype video or voice call with someone who speaks another language to you and start talking.

  • ✔ Your conversation is translated into their language in real time.
  • ✔ And what they say is translated back in your language.
  • ✔ An on-screen transcript of your call is displayed.
  • ✔ Instant message chats in 45 languages can be translated.

A Skype Language Translator by Microsoft

In May 2014, a new Skype Translator service was announced as being under development by Microsoft. Releasing first for Windows 8.X later this year (no exact date given), Microsoft plans to make the plug-in available for all popular platforms, eventually including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This Skype Translator feature translates in almost real-time and currently supports about 40 languages. Microsoft did not mention if the service would be offered for free or if it will be released as a paid service, (perhaps part of the new Skype Premium, just guessing). Unlike any of the old Skype “Extra” apps that translate text chat IM, (there are at least 3 FREE Skype Translator apps from 3rd parties, see a comparison below), this Skype Translator is real time voice created by Skype/MS!

MS_SkypeTranslator Video Call on laptop

Imagine… no Language Barrier on Skype Calls

Imagine Skype technology allowing humans to speak instantly to anyone worldwide who speaks another language translated to their own language. This allows us to connect mind to mind and heart to heart in ways never before possible using Skype.

A Skype Translator by Skype

This is the first Skype Translator offered by Skype itself. So I am watching with curiosity. Watch my video Skype Translator playlist to see it in action. Let’s compare it to the other existing free Skype Translators …

Free 3rd Party Skype Translator Apps

I have seen a few Language Translators for Skype, all of them by 3rd party apps (or extras as we used to call them) not as one of the main features of Skype. These are:

  1. Skype Translate
  2. Clownfish
  3. CTSS (“Chat Translator and Speaker for Skype”)

Check out the images of these Skype Translators below. Most require the no-longer supported Skype Desktop API with the exception of Clownfish who just this year came out with a Skype Kit version. While some of these do have text to speech, none of them have video call voice translation like Microsoft’s Skype Translator. This first animated image is the old 3rd party app called Skype Translate:

old SkypeTranslate extra

  1. Skype Translate – still works with Desktop API until all Skype chat moves to the cloud. Skype Translator
  2. Clownfish for Skype – is a Desktop API Skype Tool for Language translation. Chat Im only. Their Skype Kit version called Clownfish Extension stopped working in August 2014, when Skype Kit was made unusable. Thank goodness that the Desktop API still works (even up to current Skype 6.21) skype-translator-clownfish-FAQ
  3. CTSS Chat Translator & Speaker for Skype – still works with Deskop API until all Skype chat moves to the cloud. CTSS_chat_translator_for_Skype

Text Translation vs Voice to Text … To Voice

Is Microsoft’s Skype Translator Just Text Only, like the existing Skype Transaltors, or Audio too? It is both. Watch my video Skype Translator playlist to see it in action. This shows a Skype video call translating in both audio and in text between German and English. Amazing!

Skype Video Call Translating In Text and Voice


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