Skype Versions for Skype Room Moderation

Here is a Skype Tip on Skype Versions and Skype room Moderation

Mac Folks: Please scroll down to the video for mac Skype users at the the bottom of this article about Skype Versions.

Skype Versions &

Skype Room Moderation

Q: I can not edit messages in my own Skype room. Yup, Julie, 6.6 (or 6.7, anything 6.3 or over) is the problem – I’ll have to explore which version is best for editing Skype messages in my Skype rooms (unless you can give me that answer Julie Wolf Skype Coach ;).

A: Sure! I can share some Skype Version Tips for Skype room moderation and for editing or removing Skype messages. Also regaining your ability to kick or ban people from your Skype rooms.

Problem is Current Skype Versions ..

Do Not Allow You to Moderate Your Skype Rooms to edit/remove messages or permanently kick people out.


This is true for both room creators as well as moderators. Permanently kick or ban Skype Room members and edit r remove member messages only with Skype 6.2 and under.

You can easily gain back your Skype Room Moderation abilities

Just use older versions of Skype (one of my specialities). Its easy to add and use older versions, and you can even keep current Skype. Its one of the things I teach in my 10 Day Challenge Training at SYOS

So, which Skype Versions to use?

I use 5.3 with my Win 7, but I usually recommend old Skype version 6.0 which is Win 7 and Win 8.0 friendly (not 8.1 though) and is the last version that allows you to do this room moderation (edit/remove messages and kick or ban members). 6.1 and 6.2 allows skype room moderation also (anything below 6.3).

Where to get old Skype versions?

Some sites that used to have old version stopped providing them, like oldapps and FileHippo, though there are others. Be careful where and how you download files on the net. I provide a few of my favorite old Skype versions and mention some benefits of each at my SYOS site. You can get 6.0 from my SYOS site as a free member under Skype Stuff > Skype Versions. You have to login as a member to see it and you can join for free, after confirming your email.

Note: Theres no need to install or uninstall current Skype when you get 6.0 (or 5.3) from my site. Read the notes and watch the video about stopping upgrades. Basically, just run it from a desktop shortcut created from your Program Files/Skype6.0 folder. Hire me here if you need help.

You can have as many Skype versions as you like as Desktop shortcuts…

skype versons

… as long as you know how to create old Skype Versions Desktop shortcuts that are Safe from auto updates to the latest new Skype version.

Instructions  – Two Options:

A) Hire me to do it for you via remote control using Teamviewer. Schedule time to meet me on Skype here using my add and chat buttons for an appointment, or call 1-800-566-2823 to leave a message. Be sure to have installed current Teamviewer which you can get for personal use free at


B) Follow these instructions:

1) Join and Login to SYOS here Then in the top menus, go to Skype > Skype Versions. Click to download the Skype version(s) you want. Note the file location where you are downloading it (download folder?). You will want to copy or move it to the new folder you are about to create in Program Files.

2) Find your Program Files under Computer (C:\Program Files) and if you have 2 folders called Program Files, use the x86 one. Open it. Inside create a New Folder called Skype 6.0 (for your 6.0 version. Note: 3.8 has a special procedure in explained in my Day 1 continued for the Ten Day Challenge).

3) Place the Skype 6.0.exe file inside this new folder. (For Message Magic users needing Skype version 3.8 for installed 3.8 Copy Folder – see Ten Day Challenge Lessons).

4) Right click on the Skype 6.0.exe file and “Send To Desktop”. This creates a shortcut for your 6.0 which you will use to run it. Like this.

skype versons

5) How to run it? To Run your new old Skype version, you need to QUIT current Skype first. Not Sign Out. Quit! Right click the tiny Skype icon in your system tray or task bar and choose Quit. Like this …

skype versons

6) Once current Skype is Quit, you can click your new Skype 6.0 Desktop Shortcut to run Skype. Give it time to reorganize your files. The rolling circle will not take so long next time you sign in. Just when you switch versions it takes some time.

7) Skype Version Updates:
This is safe from auto updates, which may still happen or may still ask you. If Skype does update, it will happen in your main Skype folder in Program Files, not the copies you create. Keep your old Skype versions you create after download (or install) in separate folders in Program Files and you will always have them and never lose your old Skype versions to auto or forced Skype version update.

8) How long will old versions work?

This remains to be seen. Dec 2013 is when the Skype API will not work with current Skype. It all depends on how Microsoft changes Skype over time. They may work with the coming big changes, or not. We just have to wait and see. The owner of Pamela, a wonderfully useful Skype tool, and one of the oldest, told me that it will only work with versions under 6.11 (we are on 6.7 at time of this writing). So keep all versions of Skype… kind of like heirloom varieties of Skype. They have benefits that new varieties lose.

Learn More About Skype Versions in My Skype Webinars

Watch A Short YouTube Video to See More About Skype Versions and My Skype Webinars and My Skype Marketing Tips

video removed … skype me for what you need please…

Mac and Windows 8 Updates

Windows 8 and Skype Versions 6.0 vs 6.1 Update for Skype Room Moderation

UPDATE: I have recently heard that Skype v6.1, as well as 6.0, allows you to moderate your Skype rooms still. I need to test that. For Win 8.1 Skype users, sorry I have bad news. Skype 6.0 does not work well with Win8.1. Its fine for Win 8.0 but not compatible with Win8.1 So I would like to test Skype v6.1 in a Win 8.1 OS. If you are interested in a session with me to find out and DO let me know if you have learned it does work. SUGGESTION: You can use an older Win OS like Win7 , xp, etc, to have your skype on also to moderate your Skype room when needed. OR… you can have some moderators who use Win 7, xp, Vista or even Macs, to moderate your skype rooms for you. If you need to know how to make someone a moderator in your room, Skype me, I am glad to help as time permits. I can also help train them or even suggest some of my members a who have been trained as moderators to use older versions of Skype and be your room moderators. Some will charge a fee but some will also do it for the networking experience.

Update: Mac Skype room Moderation also not fully working on current Skype


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