Skype Virus 2013

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Skype Virus Sending Link While You’re Still In Skype


This is not a Skype hack type malware. This is a Skype virus which attaches itself to your Skype, running on your computer. You need to turn Skype off. Changing your password at can be done after Skype is no longer running on your computer.

Video: What Does This New Skype Virus Look Like In Skype?

This is a copy of the Skype virus message. They send links repeatedly and with changing messages, like this:
“tell me what you think of this picture link
“this is the funniest photo ever! link
“this is the funniest photo ever! link

A 5 min Skype Virus Video

I just made a short Video… close that when done to come back here to watch the next video down the page here, it is very good!

How To Remove Virus, YouTube Video

Here is a video that some one put on YouTube today that is very helpful! It shows you how to :

  • how to remove the virus in Skype API
  • how to change our password on Skype.
  • how to remove the virus in your computer AppData folder (files not folders!)
  • how to download and install free malwarebyte without free trial
  • also how to repeat the process to make sure the virus is gone
  • also shows other virus and malware file removal tools

This Skype Virus Does NOT Kick You Out of Skype

This Skype Virus does not change your email or password. So you can remove the virus yourself in your Skype. Please log out and remove the malware first to protect your contacts. Then sign into Skype and remove from SKYPE API access control. How? Keep reading and read other blog posts below.

How to Protect Your Skype From This Skype Virus

Do not click unexpected links.

Get the following as a free member of

  • Free report download called ‘Three Steps To Quick Skype Hack Recovery’
  • Skype Hack Safety Tips
  • My Webinar on Skype Hack Safety & Recovery
  • Plus how to get updates and join a Skype room for Skype Hack Safety.

How to Protect Your Skype Contacts From This Skype Virus

First…. Please share the link to this Article. Thanks for your Support of Skype!

Skype Virus Infected accounts will keep infecting the owners Skype contacts. If your Skype is hacked you should sign out of Skype IMMEDIATELY until THIS virus is removed. (Changing your password will not help in this case). Keep reading to learn how to remove the Skype virus. Its very easy to click on a Skype link without thinking! THAT is exactly what the Skype hackers hope you will do. Just like the cold or flu virus, a Skype virus can spread quickly. It can get very serious spreading from one Skype persons contact list to the next and the next and the next… It gets really bad in Skype rooms.

How to Recover Your Skype From This Skype Virus
…aka how to remove it

Skype Virus Safety & Recovery is something you should stay updated on as things change.

SAFETY: How to be safe on Skype::

  • Get informed & Updated on Changes!
  • DO NOT click unexpected links in Skype!
  • Recognize this Skype virus.
  • Beware of invites on Skype to click to see a photo with link shorteners, like and Facebook, etc.

This message changes, unlike the lol message from the drokbot infection a year ago. They are similar, however, as they both use your Skype contact’s Skype name in the link and attaches to the Skype api.

RECOVERY: How to Remove the Skype Virus: Log off Skype and do a full virus scan on your computer. Malwarebytes is good. DO THIS FIRST AND FAST: Sign out of Skype to prevent the spread of the virus to your contacts! Once clear of viruses, log back into Skype and go to Tools in the menus above. Then Options > Advanced. Then click the link at the bottom “Manage other programs access to Skype”. Now remove any Skype programs in the list that you do not know. Some advise it to remove them all in reinstall the ones you want.
In Skype: Tools> Options > Advanced> “Manage other programs access to Skype” (link) > Find & Remove Unknown Skype Apps!

Skype Tools Used to Help Stop This Skype Virus

I am using my Skype Tools to inform people in all Skype rooms and all of my Skype contacts to warn them of this new spreading Skype virus. One is an auto reply tool that sends a message back instantly (usually) to any Skype message sent to me. Send me an IM in Skype to get an update. This autoreply can be turned off or on for Skype rooms also. I will turn off the auto reply in Skype rooms once all Skype rooms have this Skype Virus message posted once. Skype Room Admins please delete extras as you see fit. See resources below for more info on Skype Tools I use.

How To Get Malwarebytes Safely and Free

Thanks for this Judy! ” Let peeps know that Malwarebytes is FREE .. but, there is another spyware issue lurking in that one …
which, in fact, happened to me when I went to get the latest version of a software I use. It used to be when you went to download free software, when you google searched, it was the first link on the page …

Well, NOW what happens is, there’s a google adword at the top .. and if you’re not paying close attention, you end up downloading a spyware infected version of these free programs … Watch what you download for Fee! Which is why it helps, even more, to put hyperlinks into your article, so people don’t accidentally do that … it’s VERY easy to do ”

Download the REAL Malwarebytes here. NOTE: Watch when you install it or anything free! Do not accept other programs, uncheck them! And in the case of malwarebytes, do not accept the free trial. Just get it free! Free trials expire!

I recommend these 3 Anti Malware Tools (all free) when removing Skype viruses:

All 3 of these I recommend as free tools you can use to remove key loggers, and other malware and Skype viruses:

Skype Room Owners – Skype Virus Warning Autoreply

Please let room owners and moderators know if my Skype Virus Warning Message repeats please accept my apologies… but its an emergency measure to save Skype accounts in Skype rooms! Admin can remove any of the messages with a right click and Remove Message. Need a quick video tutorial? Skype me. UPDATE: See the 5 min video here to see how to edit or remove a members message if you are admin of a Skype room.

Please read these Skype virus and Skype hack posts on my main IncomeAssurance blog:

Note: A difference about this one, is that the message changes. Often about a picture, also the link shorten-er url changes also. last years dork virus has different links shorteners urls but the messages seems to be the same, other then they were in difference languages.

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  7. Safety Preparedness – Skype History: Archive and search your entire Skype History with this New Skype Tool, RecollX

Skype Virus Safety Hints- Not a Photo File!

If you do click the link and receive any file, look in file name ending dot extention. It will not be a image file such as jpg. png. gif, etc. None of these, which would be expected for a photo, as the Skype virus message says. Look for any of these file types which can be a virus:

  • exe
  • pif
  • dll
  • scr
  • photo.exe
  • photo.pif
  • photo.dll
  • photo.scr

Questions & Resources For Skype Virus Skype Hack

Q: Where do I find out about auto reply?
A: Pamela is a Great Skype Tool. Free or paid , “she” has many features, such as Auto reply and Mood Message rich text editor and call recording.
All Skype Tools get “buggy at times” as does Skype, but I love them all! Read more here.

Q: What Skype Tools do you use for Broadcasts?
A: I use Message Magic. Go here for more info.

Skype Virus Safety & Hack Recovery Updates & Skype Room

Here is a Skype room for Skype Safety & hack Recovery. You can get help and updates there. If you ask me, I can give you updates in Skype. You can also get updates as a member of emailed to you. There are new Skype Viruses and hack methods evolving so stay informed.

Get A Free Skype Virus Check

You can get a free Skype Virus Check offered by Brisco Funds… click here to learn more. If you need help with your Skype, just ask and if its Julie Wolf giving your the Skype Virus Check, you can usually get some free Skype coaching.

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