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Skysponder is one of the most amazing Skype Tools I have ever seen. I have waited many years for this. A few of us have dreamed of such a thing, a Skype Autoresponder & Skype Room Manager,  and now its here! I am going to tell you all about it in my new Skype room and I am going to whisper secrets I am not supposed to tell you yet …  here on this article…. so listen closely! Can you find my whispering text here?


Got Skysponder Questions?

Join My Skysponder Skype Room

Do you have questions about Skysponder? I have a Skysponder Skype Room if you would like to come and ask questions. Click here  to join Julie’s Skysponder Skype room. Please do read the rest of this article before asking questions in that Skype room. Thanks


Skype Marketing

As a Skype Coach, many people ask me how to market on Skype or what Skype tools to use for Skype marketing.  My answer?

I tell them to fill out their Skype profile completely, build Skype lists, plan your follow up and create a Skype Funnel.

  • Fill Out Your Skype Profile 
  • Build Skype Lists
  • Plan Your follow up and
  • Create a Skype Funnel. 

This will build relationships if done the right way using attraction marketing and permission messaging on Skype. Use Relationship Marketing. Build that know like and trust so people will buy from you and click your links, watch your videos and read your blog posts or sites and even share your great content on Social sites! I can advise which Skype tools to use to do all this, to manage your Skype contacts.  Skype is great for this! And the right Skype tools make it even better.


How Does Skysponder Help You Skype Better?


Skype Subscribers!

Your Skype contacts can now subscribe to any public Skype list of yours or Skype room! At last permission Skype lists made easy. Using a Skype Subscription Form, people can opt in and they can even opt out using a unsubscribe link at the bottom of every private message, just like an email autoresponder. Awesome!


Skysponder Webform For Skype Lists

Would you like to see an example Webform for a Skype Room or Skype list managed by Skysponder? The topic is “Skype Marketing Skype Webform” a skype room of mine I am testing Skysponder with.  Click here then Click the Green Subscribe button to see what a very basic Skype Webform looks like from the Skysponder in your dashboard in your browser or plugin.  You can also add video and  more.

Webform Fields and Field Options

Add more fields to your Skysponder webform to gather as much info from your Skype subscribers as you like,  you can even add custom fields.  Just like any squeeze page.  Create, edit and delete your webform fields and field options like this… skysponder skype list webform fieldss

Get Your Skype Message Read By Many

Many people use Skype room group chats to communicate to many Skype people at once. But there is a problem. Its better when your Skype contacts subscribe to your Skype lists because they can read your message in a pm or private message. This means they read your messages more often, because of a few reasons. One, they asked for it, they opted in.  And two, people stop reading room messages but they do read pms (private messages) from their Skype contacts. Don’t you?  With Skysponder, your Skype contacts …

  1. Subscribe to Your Skype List Topic. They opt in!
  2. Private messages are read more then Skype Room messages.

Do You Read All Your Skype Room Messages?

Do you read all your Skype room messages? I know I do not. Especially if I join many skype rooms, which many people do to grow their Skype contact list. Do you read your messages from your Skype contacts before you read messages from Skype rooms? Yes! I know I do. And so do your contacts. Send more private messages and find an easy way to do that. Here is the easiest way.


Skype Broadcast Messages & Automated Follow up

First let me explain what is a Skype Broadcast message. Skype Broadcast Messaging is better then sending your message one at a time. Saves yourself a lot of time to send to many people at once!

Skysponder improves on this concept.  Yes, there are other great Skype tools to help you send one message to all of your Skype contacts or even  a targeted subset Skype list, even personalize your Skype message to each person using their first name. But few people ever build those Skype lists or Skype categories. I know. I have been teaching Skype list building since 2008.  Though a bit tedious to do by hand, or even with Skype tools I teach,  Skype List Building is a great way to build a targeted Skype list that WANT your message, thus getting you better results with  Skype. 


Skysponder Makes Targeted List Building on Skype Easy!

…easier then its ever been before…

Get subscribers and automate your follow up on Skype!  You do not even need to know all those fancy Skype commands to set up your Skype room correctly.  Build a targeted Skype list!  Your Skype Lists, each with their own subscription opt in webform, will also be listed in the market place if you choose.

Easy Skype Room Management!

Skysponder makes managing a Skype room easier then any other Skype Tool! Start a Skype room and build your Skype lists. Don’t have a Skype room or know how to create one? No problem. I can show you how to make a Skype Group chat and Skysponder will do the rest. It is as easy as clicking a button to turn a Skype room to “read only” LISTENERS (see image below “Listen Only Mode”  is OFF, when ON, only you and your moderators and helpers can post a message. It is now very easy to change the role of a Skype room member to moderate your room (MASTER), or be a helper in a read only room (on),  or Kick or Ban a member.

skysponder skype room moderation

I will be making many images in the Skype Room to help you use Skysponder.

Skype Room Moderation Made Easy

Having Skype Rooms for different projects and topics is a great way to use Skype more effectively. Until you have “too many” rooms, …  but there is no such thing  as too many rooms to the Power Skype user! Some of us have many many rooms and many room moderators to help you in your rooms. It can be a tedious task to keep track of and manage. Skysponder makes Skype room management so much easier.

Hire a Skype Virtual Assistant Or/& Use Skysponder

Many people ask me  how (or hire me) to make  someone a moderator for their rooms… or how to make a join link for their rooms.  It takes some skill to do this. Some people have so many rooms they NEED moderators and can’t find time to even do this in all their rooms.  This is why I train and offer Skype Virtual Assistants for busy businesses using Skype.  Its awesome to build business using Skype! But at some point you must be able to scale up! You just cant do it all!  

Scale Up to Build Business on Skype with Skysponder

Want to really get result on Skype? Why not use BOTH the right tool and(or) a Skype VA!  Your choice.

I’m excited about being able to add moderators consistently across all my rooms, controlling Skype spam in my rooms, choosing to make my rooms “read only”  or open chat (or toggling them on or off),  all  very easily in a browser! What!  Yes, in your browser dashboard… amazing but how can I show you? If you want a free trial, make sure you are in my Skysponder Skype room here.

How can I show you …. what shall I show you to demonstrate this. Ill make a list for a video…

  • Create Rooms with your preferred controls instantly (no need to enter or know the commands)!
  • Create rooms people can join not just from a link but also subscribe for follow up!
  • Automated Follow up & Scheduled Skype Broadcasts or Room Messages!!! (wow)
  • Automated Welcome Message! Greet new members to your rooms (& lists) with a Welcome Message Automatically!!!
  • Make People Moderators in Your Skype Room(s) … Consistently  with a click of a button at last! (many of you have trouble with this  but no more – no command needed. – see image below) 
  • Change roles of  individual Skype room members for more or less powers (Master, Helper, User or Listener) – see image below
  • Easily Kick or Ban Members Who “Do Not Fit” (break rules, spam, stopped paying (wink – lets monetize Skype using permission methods and attraction marketing!!! I’ll help you build Skype Funnels when you get Skysponder!)
  • Skype Rooms Already Setup with guidelines and welcome message,  & for either Open Chat or  Listeners (Read Only or News rooms),
  • or to show Chat History or …
  • Password Protect a Skype Room!
  • Skype Rooms with Skype Optin Forms Done For You – Build Your Skype Lists Easily!
  • List Rooms in the Skysponder Market Place or Keep them private.
  • Deliver Your Email Series, Your Newsletter, or eCourse, via Skype!
  • In future upgrades, Skysponder will even overcome the 300 person Skype Room limit (but I’m not supposed to spill those beans yet thus the grey out… can you see this? Skype me if you can) …  and whats really cool is  when your room is full (300) Skysponder will automatically create new Skype rooms with the same List Topic for you … Automatically.  I am excited but I don’t want to yell so I’m whispering here … LOL


Skysponder Is Easy To Learn

Skysponderis the most complete and professional Skype Tool I have ever seen to date. Many have worked hard to make wonderful Skype tools I still recommend & teach, but this Skype Tool is truly professional and very intuitive to learn!  And yes I will help you learn it as I have with other Skype tools.

Join My Skysponder Skype Room To Learn More & For Support

Do you have questions about Skysponder? I have a Skysponder Skype Room if you would like to come and ask questions. Click here  to join Julie’s Skysponder Skype room.


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