Bypass_Skype signin_old versions

Old Version Skype Sign in For Room Moderation

Need to Moderate a Skype room but your old skype version won’t sign in? Got an old version of skype signed in, but you can not open a Skype room now? Learn to easily switch back and forth between current and “Retired” old Skype versions that allow Skype room moderation, edit or remove messages or ban a member.

Skype Hack

Skype Hack Help, Get Your Hacked Skype Back

Need Skype Support? Have you or a Skype contact lost your Skype account to a Skype hack? Skype Hack Recovery help at Google Drive Presentation and also at

Skype Version_6.11_Gone_2014-08-05

Skype Room Moderation with New Skype Version

Now that MS/Skype has forced us to upgrade to current Skype Version 6.18, and no longer allows full Skype room moderation, editing or removing a members message or permanently removing a member, I am discovering new ways to work with skype to keep our Group chats Skype rooms valuable for all members and under our control.

design thinking

Design Thinking on Skype

Design Thinking on Skype began for me when a VA (Virtual Assistant) on Skype found me for a client of hers. Here’s a Design Thinking Example Video. I will update this article as I meet Design Thinking Coaches on Skype and collaborate, coach and create that Special Skype social interaction so mission critical in Design Thinking. I am excited to see what Skype can offer to Design Thinking.


Old Skype Versions

Read my answer to: Where do I go to learn about having an earlier or old version of Skype on my computer? Why is it so hard to keep an old version of Skype with out it updating and tell us about Windows 8 and Skype.

Skype_room_guidelines How to see

Skype Room Guidelines

My Skype Rooms use these general Skype Room Guidelines; Hidden Treasure inside Skype. Please Read and agree with these General Skype room Guidelines inside the Skype Room. Give a handshake when entering the room once you have read and agreed. The “internal” guidelines I call Rules and Resources or “Hidden Treasure” inside the Skype room using the /get guidelines command as an IM text message posted inside the Skype Room.