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Skype Translator

Preview Skype Translator free. The new Skype Translator service under development by Microsoft may be ready by the end of this year (2014). See video demos. Imagine Skype Video call technology allowing humans to speak instantly in their own language to anyone worldwide who speaks another language with no language barrier. Compare to 3 free Skype Translator Apps. This allows us to connect mind to mind and heart to heart in ways never before possible using Skype.

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Skype Elements

This is soooo cool! Lisa Pinned it to my Skype Pinboard and I just gotta share: Skype Video Calling and Screensharing ina GROUPO is now FREE! And The’ve put together a periodic table of Skype features so you can experiment with new features to make calling your team, partners, friends and family even easier. Make Chemistry with Skype Group video & Screensharing. You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that people plus Skype calls equals a perfect formula for staying in touch, networking and callaboration on your creations.

Skype support

Skype Support & Resources

A huge list of Skype Support and Resources for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile. How to Guides, Videos and Skype Tips & Training for Skype For Business and Skype Networking, Skype List Building, Skype Marketing and Skype, the advanced course for Skype for business, Skype networkers and collaborators and team builders by Julie Wolf, Skype Coach and Expert

New Skype Emoticons captainamerica_salute

Skype Emoticon Changes

Out with some and in with new Skype emoticons. find out which are now gone and some new ones added to current Skype.

Skype Hack

Skype Room File Hacker Safety

What you need to know about Skype files sent into Skype rooms group chats and Skype hackers. Its not safe even after the hacker is gone. What you can do… and its not what you think!


How To Join a Skype Room

This is how to enter or join a Skype Room (group chat) here at this Skype directory, with pictures.