Skype List Building Strategies

Skype list building that works, is permission based and wont go away after December 2013. Review of my Skype List Building Strategies. Deep discounts and free trials.


Google Plus Profile How to Video & Skype Room

How To Get Your Google Plus Profile url, a video Demo and join a Skype Room for Training on Social networking with Skype and G+ in Google Hangouts.

Petition Skype To Continue Support Mission Critical Third Party Skype Utilities

Third Party Skype Utilities are Mission Critical for Skype users. #Petition: Skype/Microsoft: Provide continued support for third party Skype utilities that have become mission critical to Skype’s users Background article is here: If you get a chance and agree that the decision is ill-considered, to help encourage Skype/Microsoft to reconsider, please sign the petition here: Thanks!


Skype Room Guidelines Skype G+ Networking Ideas

This is the Skype room guidelines for my Skype room called ‘Google Hangout Skype Training’ by Julie Wolf Skype Coach. Learn Skype and Skype Networking Relationship Building Skype Marketing, permission marketing with Skype. Plus G+ and other Social Networking Skills in my “Google Skype Room”.

Skype Resources

Skype Desktop API Stop Working Dec 2013

Skype removes the Desktop API in Dec 2013. Say good bye to some of your favorite Skype Tools like Pamela, Rich Mood Text Editor, xSky, some functions of Message Magic and many others. Get a list and learn what is and is not affected.

Skype List Building with Message_magic

Message Magic Powerful Skype & Linkedin Communication & Marketing Software

Skype Leads from Message magic, let me count the ways, new and old. Linkedn Broadcasting, Skype Voice mail Broadcasts, YouTube Skype id finder and how to use a database of Millions of Skype Profiles.