Skype Versions for Skype Room Moderation

Skype Versions for Skype Room Moderation

You need older versions of Skype to moderate Skype rooms, both on Windows and Mac. Read and click links in this article to learn more.

Skysponder-Skype List Building Webinars

Skysponder Skype AutoResponder Skype Room Manager

Skype Lists, Skype Room Management and automated Follow up. Skysponder is the first Skype Autoresponder. And it is NOT built on the ” no longer officially supported” Skype Desktop API, so Skysponder will work with out Skype running at all! Amazing Skype Tool!

All Skype_buttons on Skype directory Listing

Your Skype People Listing

To benefit from this Skype Directory, make a free Skype People listing, so you cna get found on Skype.

10 Ways To Create A Blogger Skype List

Got Blog Tips & Tools to Recommend? Do you have Worpress Plugins or Themes to share or sell? Here’s 10 ways to build a list of Skype users who blog. Find the best Skype tools and strategies to make it very easy to and time saving to market on Skype for the blog niche.

Skype Virus 2013

Here are some things you should know about Skype Safety & Recovery. Links to Julie’s blog for Skype hack and Skype virus Safety & Recovery included.


Purple Abstract Background Wallpaper

I found some beautiful Purple Abstract Background Wallpaper while helping a Skype friend with his PurpleBiz directory, I also will pin these to my Purple Pinboard in Pinterest and share them in my Pinterest Skype Room. I also give a link to Skype me via my Skype directory listing so you can see what that looks like to have all your Skype contact buttons in a Skype people listing (free). Click the words “Purple Abstract Background Wallpaper” above to read more.