How To Enter a Skype Room

Join a Skype group chat room by clicking the Skype logo

How To Enter a Skype Room

If you are here at this Skype Directory to join or enter a Skype chat room this is how you do it.

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How To Join a Skype Room

  1. Click Home above

  2. Skype_Directory_Skypechat_HomeSkypechat_Directory_Home

  3. Click Skype Rooms in the Skype Directory Categories

  4. Skype_directory_Categories_Skype_Listings

    Click a Skype Room Topic Categor




  5. Choose a Skype Room Listing and Click the Title




  7. Click the Skype Logo next to the word visit



  9. The Skype room should open if your skype is running and you may have to approve the application Skype.

  10. To find the Skype room in your Skype

    … check your recent tab for activities. The next time some oen posts a message, it will be in your recent tab.

  11. You may see the Skype room connecting to host




  13. Topic Shows After some time

    Once you have connected and Joined The Topic … the Name of the Topic will show instead of people’s names



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