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Huntington’s Disease Skype Chat Room

Join the global conversation on Skype. End the isolation of HD. Watch the Movie Alive & Well. Then come talk to us about it on Skype.

Huntington's Disease Skype Chat Room

Huntington’s Disease Skype Chat Room. Join our Skype Chat room. ALIVE & WELL is a documentary that follows seven people coming to terms with the reality of living with Huntington’s Disease.

Visit Huntington’s Disease Skype Chat Room

First time joining a room, check the "recent" tab on your Skype list

Full Description

I subscribe to Skype’s YouTube channel. I decided to make this Skype Chat room available for those with Huntington’s Disease or HD, when I got an email about Skype uploading a video about a new documentary film called ALIVE & WELL. Alive & Well is a new movie about Huntington’s Disease. It has kicked off a global conversation about the disease. People from around the world are using Skype to connect with each other and overcome the isolation of Huntington’s.

Here the short video with links to more …

Alive & Well has started a conversation about this disease. No matter where someone lives, they can use Skype to interact with the global HD community and bring hope to the lives of those living with and at risk for Huntington’s Disease.

To join the Skype chat room go up to the Skype logo and click the linked words ” Visit Huntington’s Disease Skype Chat Room”. See You On Skype (wink).

Tip: Allow the application Skype to launch. You can download Skype for free here.

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