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Skype Coach Julie Wolf

Use the above 'Chat' and 'Add' Skype Buttons ONLY, or leave a Skype VoiceMail (link below). Calls by appointment only.

Skype Coach Julie Wolf

I teach Skype for Business & Collaboration, Networking and Community Projects on Skype. I also teach Skype Tools, Skype List Building, Skype Funnel, Plus Skype Room Setup & Moderation (with old versions safe form Forced Update), as well as Skype Hack Safety & Recovery. I own this Skype directory, as well as membership site all about Skype at

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Skype Me Blue Buttons: Chat or Add Only Please! (no calls)

To contact me on Skype, use any 3 of the 4 blue buttons above my picture. See the 4 Blue Skype Buttons above? Please use either: “Add Me On Skype” or the “Chat with me” ONLY! No Skype calls please. Calls are by appointment only.

How Can I Help you on Skype?
Which of these 4 Skype Topics Do You Want To Chat With Me About?

When you Skype me, please tell me why? Which of these do you want to chat about? Copy and paste from these choices below and leave me a text IM message on Skype. (using the chat with me button above or add me and message me please. No calls please. ) Thanks….

  1. Skype Marketing
  2. Skype Rooms
  3. Skype Safety & Hack Recovery
  4. Skype Help (Skype Tips, Training, History & Contacts Backup & Recovery, etc)

Leave me a Skype chat IM (Instant Message) about one of the above. The more detail the better. I will get back to you as soon as possible on Skype. More contact options are below, as well as useful links to help you.

Other Ways to Reach Me:

  1. Skype me. (in case you missed it) You can use the add or chat with me Blue buttons above my picture to Skype me (no calls please).
  2. My Support Ticket System is here.
  3. Call & Leave Your Skype username, Email or US Phone Number and good times to reach you at 1-800-566-2823 (Free for US & Canada).
  4. You can also leave a Skype Voicemail Here

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Skype Resources to Help You with Skype, this Skype Directory and Your SYOS Membership at

  • Get Skype Tips Right to Your Inbox Here.
  • Skype Help Services here –> Skype Help Services
  • This is my Skype Listing. Check out My Other Skype Directory Listings Here.
  • List Your Skype (or Skype Room) Here
  • Join SYOS Membership Here. For Free Member Skype Question Room, invites to Skype Webinars each week. To find out what you get, click the link.
  • Skype Hack Recovery Free Google Presentation created by me, Julie Wolf Skype Coach
  • Skype Networking Project & Community is a Bonus for Members of and for Skype Trainings. If you buy anything from me, ask how to join to allow your Target Audience to Find YOU On Skype (Skype Networker Add You On Skype), for now, even FREE member of will get this. Ask for it if you join or buy something from me! Skype me to ask for it.

More About me, Julie Wolf Skype Coach and Admin of this Directory

I am the owner of this Skype Directory and a membership site to learn advanced Skype Tools & Tips at I started this Skype Directory for people to find new Skype contacts & friends on Skype. Also Skype users are looking for Skype rooms
, also known as Skype group chats or Skype Public Chats. Read articles under Skype Tips to learn more Skype-News & Skype Tips & Skype-changes and also about

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Made For You Room” here. JUst want a Skype room setup for you?
Choose the item called “Skype Room (Group chat) Life Cycle Services: 1)Setup ” here.

Do you want a Skype Optin WebForm so people agree to your room guidelines before they join, and so they add you as a contact before joining your room, as well as agree to receive Skype messages on your topic before adding you or joining your Skype room? Temporary page is here so pricing may change.

If you need help with Skype, Skype rooms, or Skype tools .. Skype me and ask my fees. See you On Skype …. Julie Wolf – Skype Coach

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