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Pending Members Skype Room

Join This Skype Room Group For Help With Your Skype Listing Approval.

Pending Members Skype Room

To list your Skype (or Skype Room group) here at this Skype Directory, YOU can JOIN this Skype Room for help. 1.) Click this blue Skype in the white box to join. 2.) Allow Skype to launch, then 3.) enter the room to view the guidelines for approval. DO Follow Instructions below for how to join the room and get approved.

Visit Pending Members Skype Room

First time joining a room, check the "recent" tab on your Skype list

Full Description

List your Skype or Skype Room Group at this Skype Directory at

Would you like to list your Skype or Skype Room Group chat here at this Skype Directory? Here is how. It is a 2 step process:

  1. First you register and get approved.
  2. Then you list your Skype or Skype room once you are approved.

How to You Get Approved to List Your Skype or Skype Room?

As a New Pending member, you can be approved to list your Skype here at this Skype Directory simply by following a few instructions. To be approved, simply do these things:

  1. add a good picture
  2. and a good description of yourself or your business or project.
  3. Optional: Join the Skype room for help.

How Do I Get Help To List my Skype or Skype Room?

We can help you on Skype. To get help with your Skype listing, you can join this Skype Room by clicking the blue Skype Logo in the white box above next to “Visit Pending Members Skype Room“. Inside the room are guidelines. Inside the guidelines are the instructions for your Skype Listing or Skype room Listing. You can see the guidelines by posting this command into the chat like an IM: /get guidelines. Or watch this short video to see how to view the Skype room guidelines.

Who will Be Disapproved for a Skype Listing?

No Picture. No description. Inappropriate pictures or description either here or on skype. These will not be approved and will be blocked and deleted.

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