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Skype Calls on iPhone

Yes you can make Video calls with iPhone and screen share . Read more to discover the limits

Skype Calls on iPhone

Learn about Skype calls on iPhone and other Skype Tips. Can I make a Group Video Skype call with my iPhone? How about Skype screen sharing on iPhone? Scroll down to read the answer. If you click the Skype logo next to “Visit Skype Calls on iPhone” JUST below here, you will find my Skype Tips sent to you on Skype, where you can ask me questions about Skype. Just below that are your answers about iPhone Skype Calls.

Visit Skype Calls on iPhone

First time joining a room, check the "recent" tab on your Skype list

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Some times I am invited to speak at meetings about Skype. Today at our Garage Full of Gold Meeting I was asked about why he could not see people on the Video in a group Skype call. So I looked it up. And I found this. I thought it was interesting to learn about Screensharing also on iPhone and what the limits where. I would think that MS/Skype will eventually improve these limitations, mean time here is what I learned.


Q: Can I participate in a group video Skype call with my iPhone?

A: No, the Skype call will automatically switch to audio only, as Skype for iPhone and iPod touch do not support group video calls.

I saw somthing there about Skype call screenshare on iPhone and was curious…

Can I participate in sharing screens on a Skype call w my iPhone?

Yes, you’ll be able to receive screen shares from people using Skype for Windows or Mac OS X. Currently, you cannot share your iPhone’s screen with other people, and you cannot receive a screen share from another person using an iPhone. Skype Tip: you have to be on a Skype Call to Screenshare on Skype. Tip2: And group screensharing is now FREE (it used to be part of Premium Skype, but a earlier in 2014 they included Group Video and Screensharing as part of Free Skype!).

you can read more here.

Skype for Business: The Skype Call Effect

Read about the Skype Call Effect and Covert Conversations here.

Where To Find My Skype Tips –

For more about Skype, to ask me your Skype Questions and see how I answer others questions on Skype (about Skype), get inside and look for my Skype Tips when you login. SYOS is my membership all about Skype, its where I share all my Skype knowledge with the world and where I put it all together for you.

I hope that helps you with your iPhone Screensharing and iPhone Group Video Skype Calls.


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