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My Skype Help Services

This Service Page is under development still, so feel free to bookmark it and let me know on skype if you want to know when I update it.

    1. Hire me to do small tasks with Skype Tools, like delete pending contacts all at once or back up your contacts, rooms or Skype lists or send a broadcast to Skype room groups or lists or all contacts. Buy 1/s hour here for each task.
    2. Old Version Setup for Skype Room Moderation. Buy 1 Hour for JUST old Skype version sign in help for “retired” version 5.x and 6.x. However, buy my 2 hour package to stop auto updates & notices, plus easily switch between current and old version Skype AND old Skype version sign in help for “retired” version 5.x and 6.x Here. Plus, Sign in to Multiple Skype accounts in old Skype versions.
  1. Skype Help with Old Skype Version Sign in to Multiple Skype accounts in old Skype versions and how to use Multi Skype Launcher: Buy 1 hour here or included in 2 Hour package above.
  2. Skype Room (Group chat) Life Cycle Services: 1)Setup (1 hour), 2) Sustain/Activate Participation/Monetize/Culture Development (cost varies) and 3) Close/Graduate/Migrate to New Room/End a Skype room (1 to 2 hours)
  3. Skype Hack Safety & Recovery. This normally would take many hours at my normal hourly rate. However, this can be done in (1 hour), if… If you prepare with all my free info FIRST! You must follow instruction here first, fill out the verification form and join to get the Free Download Report on 3 Steps to hack recovery and clean your computer of malware. Then I can contact Skype for you and get your hacked Skype account back.
  4. Skype List Building In Your Skype Account, includes video and pdf tutorial how to use after setup. $10 per list plus advice on how to use it if you order 30 to 60 min coaching.
  5. Skype Broadcast Message to either All your Skype Contacts or to a Skype List(s), or even to all members of a group skype room as a private message (pm, ss). $27 (30 min). for a limited time, paid members of get one Broadcast a month, time permitting.
  6. Attraction Marketing Setup with eye-catching Mood Message Creation or Edit (30 min), Auto-reply setup (30 min), Rich Text or Picture in Skype chat rooms (30 min) or all 3 for package discount of 25% off ($65)
  7. Skype Coaching Time Here: either to show you how, help you do it or do it for you, … either remotely in your computer or within your Skype account.
  8. Have me create a Skype Webforms for Skype Rooms or Skype List Subscriptions, with guidelines, and automatically adding you as a contact. Some coaching is included at no charge.
  9. How to use Skype lists and Skype rooms to get participation on your YouTube or G+ HOA Hangout on air – 1 to 4 hours coaching time, we can discuss your needs first. (See Skype Broadcast Message service above)
    1. Hire me to do small things in your rooms. Make someone a moderator, remove someone. Even Emergency Skype Room Moderation, edit or remove a message in violation of your room guidelines or Ban a member for you: $14.95 per incidence for Skype people changes. Hackers links and pirates, and messages of links of spammers who did not agree to the guidelines, after a warning.You could hire me for emergencies to moderate your rooms. (Pay is negotiable based on your budget and as needed. Add me for free anytime. Let me know your needs when adding me and as needed. I will give a free evaluation on how a room is setup, time permitting.) I kickban, edit or remove messages, place a person or a whole group chat temporarily on Read only (until solved) and do it quickly, using my “still working” old Skype version.
    2. Instructions:
      • Before adding me to the Group Skype Room, use this Skype command to let me see the history (spam)/set options +History_Disclosed
      • Make me a moderator by adding me to your Skype room Group chat
      • Now send this command like an IM post (in your Skype room, tip you have to be Admin), inside the chat of your room(s):
        1. /setrole juliewolf master
        2. and as a back up /setrole skype.wisdom master
        3. I can train you or your Skype VA’s and room moderators to use this.
        4. For my upgraded members you can use this account: /setrole SkypeVirtualAssistant master


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Any Skype services that are over $50 can be discounted by 50% for any paying members of Join Free then Upgrade for a 50% Discount on Skype Help Services. Access payment options on a page inside your membership (coming soon). Meantime, pay less and get double the coaching time with me Here.

Requirements for Skype Help Services

    1. Teamviewer must be current. Its free for personal use, quick and safe to download/install and choose default answers during installation.
    2. Please Schedule a Meeting first. Best times are between 1pm to 6pm PST (thats 10am to 9pm EST New York) weekdays M-F. Either Skype me or call and leave a message with your Skype, email and phone number (phone if in US or Canada at 800-566-2823 (US/Can) and leave a message requesting with 3 possible times for me to choose from. As well as how soon you need it if applicable.
    3. Pay me before we meet and after scheduling a time

Need Skype Help To Use This Skype Directory

  1. Find Skype people.
  2. Find Skype Room Group chats
  3. List your Skype and Be Found on Skype
  4. List your Skype Room Group Chat. For $1/month You can list a Skype room, or choose to have me set a Skype room group chat up for you correctly and list it, or order a featured listing.

Posts are members Listings of Skype People or Skype Room Group chats.