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Skype Training

Step by Step Skype Training from Basics to Advanced: Skype for business, Skype Networking & Collaboration, Skype Education and Skype Marketing

Skype Training

Scroll down to see video and below video is access to Skype Training. Click through to the Skype logo to “Visit” the Skype Training Skype room, but first… WAIT! Take 3 Steps first ….

Visit Skype Training

First time joining a room, check the "recent" tab on your Skype list
Discounts Limited Time

Full Description

Three Steps to Access Skype Training

Follow These 3 Steps:

  1. Watch the Short Skype Training Intro Video.
  2. Click the Skype logo (above) to “Visit” Julie’s Skype Training Skype room.
  3. Be sure to fill in the webform (below video) to Sign Up for Julie’s Skype Training.

Step 1: Watch Short Video

Watch the short Skype Training Intro Video…

Step 2: Now Click the Skype Logo Above to “Visit Skype Training” Skype Room

You will join a Skype Room (aka Group chat) to add Julie Wolf Skype Coach as a contact on Skype. Get your Skype Training support on Skype both in a Skype Room and privately from Julie via Skype list follow up. Yes, I can teach You Skype Listing Building also! (wink) Plus how to get a Skype directory Listing here on this Skype Directory, just a part of the Skype Networking Bonus mentioned below. Scroll above the video now to find “Visit Skype Training”, click the Skype logo in the white box (allow Skype to launch) and remember to come back here for Step 3!

Step 3: Sign Up for Skype Training Below

Lastly, fill in the webform below to sign up with your 6 digit V30 Access Code. This code gives you access to Deep Discounts and FREE Skype Training when you fill in the form and confirm your email address. You will find that V30 has emailed this Access Code to you:


V30 Skype Training

Bonus: Skype Networking Project. Let Your Target Audience Find You On Skype!

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