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Skype Chat Directory Find Rooms Chat. Please write why you want to find people on Skype and what topics you want to chat about. We will find the right group chat Skype room for you.

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How can I find a Skype chat room?


How to Fins a Skype Room At This Skype Directory

I will find you the link to the Skype rooms category. Click the Category you want, then the individual listing. Then, to enter a Skype room, just click the Skype Logo on the right. if the Skype room is set to joining enabled, then you will enter the room onc eyou allow Skype application. I have heard Win8 will open its pre-installed Skype. You may need an older Win OS (XP, Vista, 7). Let me know how that goes for you please?


Would You Like To Be Found On Skype? or your own Skype Room Listing?

If you want more friends on Skype, just do this. You can submit your own listing to be found on Skype at my Skype Directory. Choose to list yourself as a Skype People category (free), or featured to always be visableon the home page scolling area, or list your own Skype room (set to allow joining*) under “ListYourSkype” in the purple menu or heres the link.

How To Make a Skype Room Join-able

*To allow people to click to join your own Skype room, set the Skype room options to joining enabled. Enter this command into the Skype room like message post : /set options +Joining_Enabled. If you need help finding your link or anything else with Skype room setup, you can hire me here for 30 minutes ($27) for a quick room setup or an hour ($57) to get your questions answered. For a custom video to show you how pay me $100 for a live recorded coaching session. Free Skype Room Coaching (and Skype List Building Coaching): You can also buy a few months of Skysponder to help you manage your Skype room, add guidelines and automated follow up messages and so much more Skype List Building benefits, and I will help you for free.

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