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Skysponder Skype Room

Join Julie's Skype Room for info on SkySponder, Skype AutoResponder & Skype Room Manager

Skysponder Skype Room

SkySponder is the Very first True Skype AutoResponder & Skype Room Manager.
Click the Skype Logo to join the SkySponder Skype room and get all your questions answered.

Visit Skysponder Skype Room

First time joining a room, check the "recent" tab on your Skype list

Full Description

What is Skysponder?

Read this article Skype Tip here to learn more. In brief… Skysponder is ¬†all this:

  • Skype Autoresponder
  • Skype Room & Skype Contact Message Broadcaster
  • Skype Scheduled Broadcasting
  • Skype Scheduled Follow Up
  • Import Any of Your Own Skype Rooms
  • Skype Optin Forms to Get Subscribers … true permission Skyping
  • UnSubscribe Links Sent on Each Message
  • Awesome Referral Program (2 tier for Enterprise Package)


Subscribe to my Skysponder Support Skype room?

Click the Skype logo above where is says “Visit Skysponder Skype Room next to the square Skype image. Youy will get to experience how Skysponder works. You subscribe and get automatically added to a Skype room and a Skype follow up list . All 100% permission based on the subscribers interest. They optin and can opt out at any time. YOu will get follow up messages on Skype about the topic you subscribed to: Skysponder in this case.

Get More Info to Help You with Skysponder at

When you join you can join free and login, after confirming and verifying (links to click in 2 emails) and then find my Skysponder page under SkypeStuff, Skype tools, Skysponder. Or login and then click this link to find my Skysponder page.

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