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The Republic area can be entered only through Customs. One of them is located at the Main Entrance leading to the Triumphal Arch and the Main Stage, and the other one at the entrance leading to a particular part of the Republic area called Mars.
You can get through Customs only with a unique bar code that is located on a valid Republic Viza (which is a plastic card on a lanyard) or attached to an approved Yellow Suitcase. These are the most significant symbols of the Kazantip Republic. Both a Viza and a bar code sticker for the Suitcase can be obtained in the Viza Department, which has two offices located right next to Customs.
Important: while you are inside the Republic area, you must carry your Viza or your Yellow Suitcase at all times, or you will be penalized and deported.

The Viza Department on site offers you the choice between a multiple-entry (called “Multi-Viza”) and a single-entry Viza.
A single-entry Viza costs about $100 and allows only one visit to the Republic. You can stay inside the Republic area as long as you want, but as soon as you leave, your one-entry Viza will become invalid and it will be impossible to go back inside using it.
A multiple-entry Viza (“Multi-Viza”) costs about $200 and allows unlimited entry to the Republic area so you can go in and out as much as you like for the whole duration of Kazantip (see “WHEN IS IT?”). The Multi-Viza is the most popular Viza and is the most flexible.

The best way is to purchase the Multi-Viza in advance, to save time and nerves, spent waiting in a long queue in the Viza Department on site. Moreover, you will also save money. The official website has a special online Viza Department office. After March 15 you can register there for a Viza and pay for it online few days later. The discount system is simple: the sooner you pay for a Viza online, the less you have to pay.
To apply for Viza registration, you need to fill in your credentials and upload a photo. Then you get a user profile with an option to pay for a Viza immediately by online payment. You can find the details and instructions in the online Viza Department office.



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