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Yoga Fitness Skype Room

Julie's Yoga Fitness Skype Room

Yoga Fitness Skype Room

Skype Room for Fitness. Yoga. Pilates. Tibetan 5 Rites. Walking. Running. Weights. Dance. Anything that gets us moving, stronger and healthier. We share videos, workouts, goals and progress. Subscribe to join the Skype Room Group chat. How? Click the Skype logo or the link below.

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Skype Room For Yoga Fitness

Full Description

Lets Get Fit on Skype in 2014.

I decided this morning to import my Yoga and fitness and Natural health Skype rooms into my Skysponder to make them Public.  2014 is a great year to get fit and healthy, right? Leave your thoughts please.
Because I would love to share and give and get support this year with getting fit and healthy.  So why not also share how to import a Skype room into Skysponder. Yoga Skype Room first. Ready Usha, Lawrence and Marida already in the Skype Room? Here we go. Lets get fit and learn how to use Skysponder for Skype List Building with an existing Skype room aka group chat.





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